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Xanax Addiction Treatment Options

Xanax Addiction Treatment Options

Sep 6, 2022 | Drug Addiction

Xanax Abuse: What Are The Signs?

Xanax is a well known and commonly abused benzodiazepine medication. This class of prescription drugs has an immediate sedative effect and is typically prescribed for short term use in individuals with panic disorders and any anxiety related conditions such as PTSD. Due to the powerful calming effect and the abundance of the prescription available, Xanax has a high abuse potential. 

Those under the influence of Xanax at an increased abusive dose will display symptoms such as:

  • Slurred speech
  • Blurred vision
  • Poor coordination and fine motor skills
  • Drowsiness
  • Decrease in motivation

If you have been prescribed Xanax or have gotten it from a non-legitimate source with the intention of only using it “as needed”, the following symptoms are an indication that you are at risk of becoming dependent on the medication: 

  • Increasing dosage over time
  • Taking more than the recommended dose of ½ or ¼ of a bar at a time
  • Lying to doctors to get additional xanax prescriptions
  • Feeling intense increase in anxiety when you don’t take it 
  • Combining xanax with other substances such as alcohol or marijuana 

Types of Treatment for Xanax Addiction

Xanax and other benzodiazepines can become highly addictive and those attempting to stop after long term use often experience uncomfortable Xanax withdrawal symptoms, even if they don’t develop a physical dependence. For this reason, it is highly recommended that individuals seek professional help at a treatment center in order to recover from Xanax addiction. 

There are multiple types of treatment available to help those addicted to Xanax, depending on each person’s lifestyle and availability to attend treatment. 

  • Medical Detox
  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment 
    • Partial Hospitalization Programs
    • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Individual Therapy
    • Behavioral Therapy
    • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Support Groups
  • Sober Living 

Medically assisted detox is often the recommended starting point for those suffering with benzodiazepine substance abuse. Treatment centers are equipped with relapse prevention medications and therapies to make detox an intentional step towards long term recovery. 

How Will Xanax Addiction Treatment Take?

The time period of Xanax addiction treatment will be different for everyone depending on length and amount of use, but treatment times will also differ based on biological, psychological, and physical factors that are unique to each individual. 

The range of time as it pertains to withdrawal and detox from Xanax, known as acute withdrawal, is 10-14 days before the body is able to completely process out these chemicals. From there, individuals can experience mental health symptoms of withdrawal for months after their last dose, up to years if the individual seeks treatment that does not address these associated factors of Xanax addiction. 

Serenity Oaks Top Rated Xanax Addiction Treatment Program

The substance abuse treatment programs of Serenity Oaks Wellness Center are among the top rated in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. Their residential treatment facility is fully equipped to offer you the help you deserve to address all your needs while in recovery. They maintain a high staff-to-client ratio to ensure that everyone under their care receives superior attention and treatment and their team is dedicated to working with you personally to meet the goals you set together. 

Serenity Oaks specializes in creating personalized treatment programs, whether that means starting with detox or going right into inpatient treatment. Knowledgeable and compassionate medical professionals and caretakers will help you meet your goals using methods based on cross-disciplinary and evidence-based treatment. 

All levels of care provided begin with the same foundation — a safe, peaceful environment where clients can surrender to the recovery process without fear. Each client is treated as if they are part of our own family, allowing them to be authentic and vulnerable so they can truly address the issues that led to their substance use disorders. 

For more information, or to begin the admissions process, reach out to our dedicated team anytime. Our phones are on 24/7 and someone will be there to take your call at (833) 720-0708.

Get Started at Serenity Oaks

At Serenity Oaks Wellness Center, we offer residential detox and addiction treatment with a wide range of modalities to address the needs of all our clients. Our high staff-to-client ratio ensures everyone that enters our facility gets the personal attention they need and deserve for a safe and successful detox process. To learn more about our program, contact Serenity Oaks Wellness Center today at 844-720-6847.
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