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Sub-Acute Detox

Detox and withdrawal from severe addictions often require medical supervision, hospitalization and on-going therapy to heal and eradicate the disease. These protocols ensure that you do not face additional health, emotional or psychological trauma as you sever from the drug.

However, depending on your drug of choice, style of use and length of addiction, you may not need a treatment plan which includes extensive hospitalization to achieve your sobriety. You may need intensive medical care only during the most difficult period of your withdrawal or if complications arise, for example.

The Serenity Oaks Wellness Center’s residential detox facility offers you many levels of care during your detox which it can tailor to you, your form of addiction and your recovery needs, giving you the appropriate amount of care at the right times. A tailored recovery program also makes recovery more feasible whatever your circumstances.


To achieve sobriety, you must detox. The Serenity Oaks Wellness center has many ways to ensure you complete the detox stage of your recovery. For example, ensuring your physical comfort throughout the process will help increase the likelihood that you will complete your treatment.

A sub-acute detox which provides only the levels of supervision and medical care appropriate to the severity of your addiction also makes it substantially easier to complete your detox. This treatment modality also makes your detox more effective as it focusses only on your specific medical needs and emotional challenges.

A sub-acute detox does not preclude more intensive medical or psychological treatments but only utilizes them when and if your comfort and safety require them. Choosing a sub-acute detox treatment does not mean you will forego more intensive treatment if needed to achieve recovery.


A successful detox strongly influences the effectiveness of later stages of your recovery. Behavioral training and modification in themselves will not supplant chemical dependency and may not succeed if you still have drugs in your system or strong cravings.

A sub-acute detox directly disables your chemical dependency — providing you intensive medical care when needed to manage your symptoms, pain and progression. By providing compassionate, patient-guided care, this step also prepares you for the following stages of your recovery.

By removing your chemical dependency, maximizing the effectiveness of behavioral treatments and ensuring your emotional and psychological health throughout, a sub-acute detox can have one of the most significant impacts on your long-term sobriety.


The Serenity Oaks Wellness Center’s integrated, holistic approach to addiction can help you achieve a safe, effective and long-lasting recovery for one simple reason — it treats you. You have unique circumstances for using and you began and continued to use for reasons specific to your personality, emotional and physical needs.

By recognizing and treating these unique factors, The Serenity Oaks Wellness Center can create a recovery plan that addresses your root causes for using and give you the most effective treatment possible. When you address the root causes of your substance abuse, you will have the highest likelihood of achieving lasting sobriety.

In addition to sub-acute detox, The Serenity Oaks Wellness Center’s emphasis on compassionate, patient-centered care creates an environment where healing comes from a partnership with our therapeutic staff and shared goals, your well-being. Alternative treatment options also give you ample opportunities to nurture your self-care skills and build a healthy post-recovery lifestyle.

A recovery plan focussed on you and your needs every day of your treatment — that provides you the widest array of customizable options in a friendly, supportive environment — will best prepare you to handle the stresses and challenges of life after treatment.

Once you leave The Serenity Oaks Wellness Center, you will not only have the skills you need to stay drug-free but also the self-confidence you will need to sustain it, and you will know you deserve it.

Call The Serenity Oaks Wellness Center today at 844-720-6847 to discuss an individualized, integrated recovery plan for your addiction from drugs and alcohol and to see if a sub-acute detox can help you achieve the lasting sobriety.

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