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Medical Protocols

As you begin to explore your addiction treatment options, you will likely see many new and confusing terms such as “medical protocols,” for example. Translated, a treatment facility with sound medical protocols will have licensed and certified doctors and therapists — specifically experienced with detox, withdrawal and recovery — who can provide you with appropriate and timely care during your transition from drug-use to sobriety.

Selecting a facility with comprehensive medical protocols can make a significant and positive impact on the speed and duration of your recovery, but simply choosing a facility with those protocols does not guarantee the most successful detox and recovery experience. The quality of those protocols matter, as does how well those protocols integrate with each other and how well they meet your needs.

In addition to a well-integrated treatment program, you will want to choose a program with medical protocols that your care staff can customize to meet your individual needs and which also treat you holistically, as a person and not solely as a patient or addict.

Treatments which do not address all aspects of your addiction leave open pathways to use further, and treatments which do not treat you as a whole person do not prepare you to face real-world challenges where triggers will come in many forms. An integrated and holistic approach to recovery maximizes the skills you will have to stay healthy and manage temptations.


Medical protocols help ensure your physical, emotional and psychological health and safety during one of the most difficult transitions you may make in your life, the transition from addiction to sobriety.

During this time you will experience many physical withdrawal symptoms which will vary by drug, quantity taken and length of use. Many emotional responses will accompany these changes, ranging from confusion, despair, loneliness, depression, frustration and anger. The combined effects of these changes could have severe psychological repercussions — in addition to those you may already face from your use.

In an individualized detox and integrated recovery program, medical and therapeutic resources prepare in advance to treat your unique addiction pattern including your physical, emotional and psychological needs, ensuring your comfort and safety during this time, enabling you to complete your detox and preparing you for the next stages of your recovery journey.


Relapse can not only threaten your recovery but in many cases substantially increase the harm continued drug has use on your health and deepen your addiction. Medical protocols help prevent relapse in many ways. Managing your pain and withdrawal symptoms through appropriate medications can mitigate or eliminate your drug cravings, reducing your likelihood of relapse, and maximizing your comfort both emotionally and psychologically will encourage you to complete your recovery program, further reducing the risk of relapse.

Medical protocols also help underpin many key strategies you will need to stay sober once you leave recovery. The compassionate, patient-centered treatment you will receive here from both our medical and therapeutic staff can help you view your addiction differently, as an illness which you can both reverse and heal, which facilitates later self-care. The individualized nature of your care, regardless of the stage of your recovery, will ensure that you receive the treatment most beneficial and most effective for your personality, needs and circumstances in the long-term.


An integrated approach to recovery, and especially one that includes sound medical protocols, has many advantages — primary among them, it treats you as a person and your addiction as it occurs.

Triggers can present themselves at all times, whether in the workplace, socializing or spending time with family. By helping you recognize and avoid situations which could compromise your sobriety, helping you realize and utilize your specific personal strengths, and providing you with skills you can use in all aspects of your life, an integrated, holistic recovery program helps you build the broadest range of skills to maintain your sobriety.

This outcome directly results from treating your unique addiction pattern, personality and circumstances. Medical protocols tailored to your specific needs will give you the greatest likelihood of achieving your personal goals — a healthy lifestyle and lasting sobriety.

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