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Medical Care

You cannot begin therapy and psychological counseling for addiction with drugs in your system. Put another way — you can’t stop using while using. Even if you do begin behavioral treatment while still chemically dependent, you will undermine the effectiveness of your treatment and lose out on its many benefits. To achieve lasting sobriety, you must treat all aspects of your use, and that means you must follow up your detox with therapy and maximize its effectiveness. A medically-supervised detox provides the only effective way to fully and safely pass drugs from your system and prepares yourself for the emotional, psychological and spiritual growth that therapy brings and that will enable the drug-free life you deserve.


Since no two users will use a drug in the same way, no two will have the same detox experience. Your doctors — prepared for your treatment by understanding which drugs you’ve used, your use patterns and your medical history — can help you pass the drugs in your system in the safest possible way, treating symptoms of withdrawal as they occur and anticipating any which might occur.

Doctors involved in your detox also play another important role — they ensure your comfort. Your comfort, while important on its own, has a material impact on your health and recovery. If you feel comfortable, you will have a higher likelihood of completing your detox and the remainder of your wellness program.

Your medical care will not stop with medications, however, but will also include compassionate, patient-centered attention which will help you prepare for the challenges ahead. Information about your detox experience, strengths, sensitivities and unique challenges gathered by our medical team will also help our therapists and counselors plan your continued care.


Medical care ensures you pass through your detox safely — without incurring new medical issues or exacerbating old ones. Most importantly, however, doctor supervision helps minimize your chances of additional and more severe health damage and on-going drug use due to relapse.

A medically-supervised detox, coupled with therapy and counseling, gives you the highest likelihood of long-term sobriety by breaking your chemical dependency, minimizing your incidence of relapse and enabling behavioral therapy to have the most effectiveness.

Medical care itself will have the most impact when your doctors not only have professionally-required certifications but also specific training and experience dealing with detox, drug interactions and a focus on providing compassionate, individualized care.

Appropriate, patient-centered and empathetic care from your medical team ensures that you will get the right treatment, at the right time and in the right way for you to gain the maximum benefit.


Habit, triggers, unresolved stress or pain, trauma, chemical dependency and managed, chronic symptoms all may keep you from quitting. To help you achieve lasting sobriety, an approach to recovery must address all these factors. You will need to face the underlying reasons why you use, the situations which encourage your use, and also your body’s need for drugs and their physical symptoms.

You can quickly see why a self-monitored detox solution will not guarantee you sobriety or even freedom from dependency. The complexity of each of these separate issues, as well as their many interactions, make self-treatment not only ineffective but also nearly impossible to achieve on your own.

An approach that addresses all these factors in a systematic and comprehensive way — which also respects the complicated and valid feelings you will have while you transition — will do the most to keep you engaged in your recovery, break down your addiction and build the solid foundation of skills, confidence and self-worth that will help keep you healthy and sober for years to come.

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