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Why Nutrition Matters in Addiction Recovery – 7 Health Restaurants in Clearwater for People in Recovery

Nutrition for Addiction Recovery in Clearwater

Sep 19, 2022 | Addiction, Recovery

If you’re looking for an addiction treatment program in Clearwater, you’re probably thinking about things like behavioral therapy, levels of care including drug detox, and whether you want outpatient treatment or maybe hospitalization programs. (And these are all very important components in addiction treatments!) But sober living doesn’t just require a few weeks at a recovery center – there are life skills you need to adopt to continue on your journey of being free from drugs and alcohol addiction.

The Role of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

As you receive specialized treatment for your drug or alcohol abuse, you’ll begin to recover your sense of self-worth and want to take care of yourself. You’ll feel that you deserve to be healthy, and to regain joy and clarity. Relapse prevention plays a significant role in moving you forward through your addiction treatment program, and nourishing your mind, body, and spirit is important to that process.

There’s another key reason to adopt nutrition in your treatment programs: it’s one of the life skills necessary to avoid getting too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired (HALT). When you don’t nourish yourself, it’s harder to use the cognitive behavioral therapy or other individual therapy programs that you’ve been taught. And it’s easier to fall back into your old ways of coping, such as being a drug or alcohol abuser. Ensuring that you’re getting all the good food you need to think straight and make good decisions is a critical method for relapse prevention.

Many people who need specialized treatment neglect their bodies, among other aspects of their lives. Integrating nutrition into your recovery programs helps you move farther away from addict behavior and towards the kind of person you want (and deserve) to be.

Nutrition for Addiction Recovery in Clearwater

Top 7 Healthy Restaurants in Clearwater for People in Recovery 

Fortunately, there are plenty of places in Clearwater that support your nutritional needs while you’re in outpatient programs or once you’ve graduated and are on your own outside a treatment facility to make smart choices. None of the restaurants or cafes on the list serve alcohol, since sometimes that can be a trigger for those who’ve recently graduated addiction treatments, or who are in an intensive outpatient program. There’s no need to “test” yourself!

How Serenity Oaks Can Help

Not only can we supervise safe detox programs, Serenity Oaks offers both inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment, including aftercare designed for relapse prevention. We treat those with dual diagnosis issues. At our treatment facility, we work with you to transform your life. Nutrition in addiction treatments plays a part in all our levels of care, including intensive outpatient treatment and individual therapy programs including cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, and motivational interviewing, which has been shown to support all our rehabilitation programs and assists with relapse prevention too.

In addition to these substance abuse treatment programs, we provide space for meditation and yoga. Because life skills are such a huge part of sober living in Clearwater FL, we teach topics such as budgeting and time management. Whether you take part in residential treatment, partial hospitalization programs, or outpatient treatment, you’re not just a number to us – we’ll help you transform your life. For more information, get in touch with us at (833) 720-0708.

Get Started at Serenity Oaks

At Serenity Oaks Wellness Center, we offer residential detox and addiction treatment with a wide range of modalities to address the needs of all our clients. Our high staff-to-client ratio ensures everyone that enters our facility gets the personal attention they need and deserve for a safe and successful detox process. To learn more about our program, contact Serenity Oaks Wellness Center today at 844-720-6847.
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