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Restoring Relationships After Alcohol Rehab

Restoring Relationships After Alcohol Rehab

Jul 26, 2022 | Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol’s Impact on Relationships

When you think of an alcoholic, it is easy to think of the damage that alcoholism can have within that person’s life. From financial troubles, physical health concerns, and difficulties with performance at school or work, alcohol can significantly change a person’s day to day lifestyle. While it is common knowledge that alcohol can alter a person’s interpersonal relationships, what is often overlooked is how alcoholism can impact the friends and families that are standing by their loved ones who are struggling with alcohol abuse. We want what is best for our loved ones and will do anything we can to help them get better, but the impact this can have on someone else’s life can be significant. 

A person who is supporting a loved one living with an alcohol addiction will often experience the following negative consequences or impacts from the relationship with someone in active addiction

  • Distrust within relationships- During your active addiction, your addictive behaviors will often cause you to act in ways you would not do so normally in order to fuel your alcohol addiction. Behaviors such as lying, manipulation, and hiding your alcohol addiction will often lead to distrust in the relationship. 
  • Increased risk of physical abuse- Alcohol abuse can cause a person to act out aggressively more than normal. Individuals under the influence of alcohol are at an increased risk of getting into arguments or conflicts which can often turn to physical violence or abuse as it becomes escalated. 
  • Impacts on romantic relationships- Alcohol abuse will often cause a person to lose their inhibition while intoxicated. This can lead to increased risk of sexualized behaviors with others and, in some cases, infidelity. These behaviors can significantly affect the trust and relationship with you and your partner. 
  • Estrangement from your children- For parents that are engaging in alcohol abuse, your children will often experience a lack of follow through and commitment to your parental roles. As alcohol addiction begins to take over your day to day life, many will lose sight of the children’s need to love and attention and become focused on alcohol consumption. 
  • Relationships become one sided- In the height of your alcohol addiction, it is easy for many people to feel as though they are the victim in relationships and lose sight of the emotional, physical, and mental impacts that this has on friends and families. When your loved ones express their emotions and hurt surrounding your addiction, many will begin to place blame on others and invalidate the emotions that each person feels as the alcoholic is the only one that is suffering. 

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How To Repair Relationships Damaged By Alcohol Addiction

Once you have begun your recovery process, many will want to take the steps to begin to repair their romantic relationship and family relationships. It is important to remember that your family relationships and relationships with friends, spouse or partner were impacted over a period of time and they most likely have heard you express a desire to quit your active addiction prior. Rebuilding trust takes time and it is important to be patient with your loved ones and allow them to heal at a pace that is comfortable for them. Allow time for your loved ones to be open and honest about their emotions and experiences that are a result of your substance abuse. Communication is key in healing and rebuilding relationships. 

Family Therapy in Addiction Treatment

A common component of addiction treatment is opportunities for you and your family relationships to engage in family therapy. If your spouse or partner were specifically impacted by your substance abuse, there are couples therapy options that will help you begin the healing process of rebuilding relationships. Family therapy and couples therapy are facilitated by licensed counselors who will provide a safe space for all individuals to begin to share how their relationships have become impacted or broken by addiction. With support of professional treatment methods, families and couples will be able to discuss how substance abuse has impacted your day to day life and emotional wellbeing and begin to heal and mend relationships by establishing trust and boundaries with one another.

Serenity Oaks Addiction Recovery Support Resources

At Serenity Oaks, we believe and recognize that drug and alcohol addiction are a family disease. In order to have long lasting success in sobriety, it is important to heal within yourself and mend relationships that are positive supports in your life that will help you stay accountable to maintaining a life of sobriety. Patients in our treatment facility will learn the skills for managing triggers and stressors while also developing healthy interpersonal and communication skills that will help to rebuild relationships with your loved ones again. Through the variety of types of therapy offered including behavioral therapy, medication assisted treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, holistic treatment, and so much more. Patients will heal from alcohol addiction emotionally, mentally. physically, and spiritually allowing you to get on the road to recovery within an inpatient treatment or outpatient rehab setting.  Contact Serenity Oaks today and find out more about the family therapy options offered so you and your loved ones can heal from the throws of alcohol addiction and develop positive relationships after addiction. Get in touch with us today at (833) 720-0708.

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