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IOP Rehab in Fort Lauderdale: The Pros and Cons

IOP Rehab in Fort Lauderdale:

Sep 19, 2022 | Addiction

What is IOP Rehab?

Intensive outpatient (IOP) rehab is a type of alcohol or drug addiction treatment program that is used to address substance use disorders in people who do not need round-the-clock care or detoxification. These programs allow patients to live at home or in a sober living facility, outside the rehab center’s walls, and coming in for scheduled treatments and appointments a certain number of hours per week. IOP drug rehab allows patients to live their lives in a normal way that an inpatient rehab program does not.

Addiction recovery is different for everybody, and for some, the seamless integration back into regular life afforded by an IOP is the best way to get the help they need as they establish external support, a sober community of peers, friends, and family, and a realistic relapse management plan.

The Pros of IOP Rehab

There are several benefits to attending an IOP program, including:

  • Being able to live at home with loved ones if you wish as you access drug and alcohol addiction treatment and care for mental health disorders
  • Having a flexible schedule so you do not need to quit school or endanger your career prospects. You can uphold your responsibilities like paying the bills and going to work, gaining an education, etc. as you get the help you need
  • Maintaining your privacy, not needing to inform your employer, friends, or other people about your addiction, removing the barrier of shame and allowing you to get treatment
  • Gaining an entire community of sober peers, an alumni program, and a long-term recovery support network, along with family therapy and counseling to improve your relationships at home
  • Being able to use your new relapse prevention skills in the real world as you learn them, taking responsibility for yourself, with immediate help available if you hit a bump in the road
  • IOP treatment is more cost effective than inpatient program treatment. Living inside a recovery center means you need to pay for lodging and food on top of your treatments, and not everything is always covered by insurance. An IOP plan allows you to stay at home, reducing your bill significantly
IOP Rehab in Fort Lauderdale:

The Cons of IOP Rehab

There are also cons to intensive outpatient treatment, like:

  • Outpatient programs create a higher chance of being around drugs and alcohol, relapse triggers, and other challenging situations that you would not face in an inpatient treatment facility
  • Daily life issues may be distractions in your recovery journey in an intensive outpatient drug rehab plan, and you won’t have as much space to focus on your own healing
  • Lack of 24-hour medical care and supervision, with limited access to a counselor if you run into difficulties, stress, and triggers in daily life
  • If you were using drugs that require medication-assisted treatment plans for detoxing safely and effectively, or if withdrawal symptoms are likely to reappear, intensive outpatient programming may not be the safest option if complications were to arise
  • You do not spend as much time with peers in substance abuse outpatient treatment as you would in inpatient treatment programs, which may be a detriment to your ability to build a sober support network

Detox, Residential and Outpatient Rehab at Serenity Oaks in Fort Lauderdale

At the Serenity Oaks treatment center, our comprehensive treatment plans include every level of care, leading you through a safe medical detoxification plan into inpatient rehab, partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP), and on into customized drug or alcohol outpatient care and our Thrive alumni group. We have the Joint Commission’s accreditation and offer individualized care for each patient to heal the root causes of addiction along with the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of substance abuse. Some evidence-based treatments and holistic treatments we offer include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy
  • Motivational incentives and motivational interviewing
  • Individual counseling, group therapy, and multidimensional family therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders like bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, eating disorder, depression, personality disorder, schizophrenia or PTSD
  • Traditional 12-step groups
  • Holistic therapies like meditation, yoga, and acupuncture
  • Relapse prevention, life skills, education and coping tools

Please contact us today at (833) 720-0708 to find out more about our inpatient and outpatient treatment options, and how you can access the substance abuse treatment you need.

Get Started at Serenity Oaks

At Serenity Oaks Wellness Center, we offer residential detox and addiction treatment with a wide range of modalities to address the needs of all our clients. Our high staff-to-client ratio ensures everyone that enters our facility gets the personal attention they need and deserve for a safe and successful detox process. To learn more about our program, contact Serenity Oaks Wellness Center today at 844-720-6847.
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