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Health and Wellness in Addiction Recovery: 5 Clearwater Gyms and Personal Trainers

Health and Wellness in Addiction Recovery

Aug 17, 2022 | Addiction, Recovery

What Role Does Exercise Play in Recovery?

Living with an active substance abuse disorder can have a significant impact on your mind and body. When you are ready to address and overcome your drug or alcohol abuse within an addiction treatment program, it is a courageous choice to make to seek treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction. When you begin addiction treatment, it will incorporate a combination of effective evidence based therapy methods, dual diagnosis treatment to treat any ongoing mental health conditions, life skills training, holistic treatment, physical fitness, and nutrition therapy. 

Providing patients with appropriate health care that will treat your mind and body is essential for healing. Substance abuse significantly impacts a person’s physical and mental health and an effective addiction treatment program will help you incorporate exercise routine and healthy food choices that will support healing from drug or alcohol abuse from the inside out. 

It has been shown that physical activity furthers a recovering addict’s healing process by restoring your body functioning and improving your physical strength. Physical activity has been known to improve sleep quality, cardiovascular health, and improve a person’s immune system. 

Physical activity is an essential component to restoring mental health functioning. Recovering addicts who engage in a regular exercise routine will experience the following benefits:

  • Increased energy- During your substance abuse, many will feel lethargic or fatigue regularly. When you engage in physical activity, your body will be exerting energy and in turn will notice in increase in energy levels 
  • Stress Reduction- Recovering addicts that engage in healthy exercise and eating will be able to manage your emotions and release any negative feelings through the use of physical activity. 
  • Improved mood- Engaging in a fitness program will help recovering addicts to find purpose and self worth by engaging in physical activity that brings you joy and happiness. A healthy fitness schedule and routine helps to produce natural endorphins that produce high levels of serotonin within your brain chemicals. 

Best Gyms in Clearwater, FL 

Finding a fitness program or regime that fits within our current lifestyle and physical abilities is important for you to have long term success in sober living. Clearwater Florida offers a variety of gyms and physical fitness programs that will provide you with unique, engaging methods of working out. Clearwater Fl residents can choose to attend the following gyms to complete their exercise routine: 

Clearwater UFC Gym– For those individuals that are looking for a high intensity workout through MMA fighting. You can participate in traditional MMA fighting methods such as Jiujitsu or you can engage in traditional fitness programs such as fitness classes, weight and cardio rooms, and specialty workout equipment. 

Golds Gym– Clearwater residents can access Gold’s gym 24 hours a day to use the state of the art cardio, free weight, and resistance equipment. Fitness programs offered within Golds Gym include zumba classes, spin class, and boot camps. Individuals can access personal trainers to help start your journey towards a life of physical activity. 

Clearwater Beach Fitness– Access this gym to have ongoing support of personal trainers that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Your physical abilities, BMI, and metabolism will be analyzed to create an individualized treatment program that will help you reach your physical fitness goals. 

Gorilla Bench Training Center– Clearwater residents that are looking for a high intensity workout and opportunity to start your journey into powerlifting will benefit from the personalized training programs offered within Gorilla Bench. You will have access to powerlifting classes and training, personal training, semi personal training, and impulse fitness programs. 

The Camp Transformation Center– Recovering addicts that are looking to enter into an exercise routine in your early recovery will benefit from the support and guidance provided by the trainers at The Camp Transformation Center. Individuals are able to participate in personal training, elite training sessions, nutrition counseling and guidance, and weight loss challenges that will help you start your journey towards a life of healthy eating and fitness.

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