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Having Fun in Recovery: 3 Sober Friendly Things to Do in Jacksonville

Sober Friendly Things to Do in Jacksonvillle

Sep 13, 2022 | Addiction, Recovery

Learning How To Stay Sober and Have Fun

In America, many activities geared towards adults include access and consumption of alcohol. Finding things to do that aren’t centered around drinking can be a challenge. Since connecting with others is a key part of the addiction recovery process, people who have struggled with alcohol addiction and drug addicts have to learn ways to socialize while sober. Fear not, for here are some strategies for sober socializing after alcohol or drug rehab.


Opening up to close friends about treatment programs during the recovery process could lead to necessary support during challenging moments. Other people who’ve gone through an alcohol addiction rehab program can share their own experiences and give good advice they learned while going through addiction treatments.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Avoiding triggers for previous addictions is paramount, which is why rehab centers are often remote or removed from daily life. People who’ve just transitioned back from treatment centers might make the mistake of thinking they can handle being in close proximity with the use of drugs or alcohol. However, staying away from establishments serving alcohol and minimizing contact with substances increases the likelihood of maintaining sobriety. 

Sober Friendly Things to Do in Jacksonvillle

Practice Your Responses

To better navigate the world of sober socializing, it helps to have planned responses in answer to the inevitable question of why you’re not drinking at a work event or party. Practice breeds confidence. Taking a turn as a designated driver or explaining you’re cutting back or taking a break from drinking could be enough to prevent uncomfortable questions.

Have An Exit Strategy

Armed with planned responses, you’ll more easily extricate yourself from social situations containing threats to your sobriety. If you’re feeling tempted to drink or not having fun anymore, you could leave gracefully by referencing an early morning appointment or work schedule, other planned activities, or even blame a headache.

Furthermore, you could take control of the venue or activity when making plans with friends, and book something sober-friendly to do in your hometown. Find some sober activities below.

Top 3 Sober Friendly Activities in Jacksonville

Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park – Jacksonville, FL 32226

From the site: “Nestled between the beaches and the city of Jacksonville, the park immerses visitors in nature in the pine flatwoods that protect the water quality of the Nassau and St. Johns rivers.

The expansive pine flatwoods protect the water quality of the Nassau and St. Johns rivers, ensuring the survival of aquatic plants and animals and providing an important refuge for birds. Wildlife is abundant and ranges from the threatened American alligator to the endangered wood stork.”

Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park offers activities like camping, horseback riding, hiking, and off-road bicycling. Many state parks don’t allow alcohol in the park. Communing with nature in your chosen way might allow for some relief and healing.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens – 370 Zoo Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32218

The Zoo has more than 2,000 rare and exotic animals and 1,000 varieties of plants to see, and a host of activities ranging from a walking safari to educational experiences. Spending time in a public area without normalized social pressures to use drugs or alcohol could ease some anxiety for recovering addicts.

Atlantic Beach – 800 Beach Ave, Atlantic Beach, FL

Their site says: “Located in Northeast Florida, Atlantic Beach claims miles of laid-back beaches and close proximity to excellent golf, parks and the big-city energy of Jacksonville. Atlantic Beach shimmers with history, the site of what many experts believe was the first year-round Native American settlement in North America.” Spending time in the sun and the surf with understanding and supportive loved ones is a perfect activity that doesn’t require alcohol or drugs to be fun and relaxing, a great way to practice staying sober.

Find other activities in Jacksonville to help with staying sober by searching Google for sober activities in your location. Get in touch with us today at (833) 720-0708 for more information about addiction treatment options.

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