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Guide to a Sober Summer of Fun Activities

Guide to a Sober Summer of Fun Activities

Jul 24, 2018 | Addiction, Sobriety

Summer is the time for people to go crazy with fun. With the sunshine on point, the kids out of school, and vacations on the horizon, there is nothing better than loading up on some summer enjoyment. There is entertainment for you to take stock in that will not only be fun, but you can do it without consuming drugs or alcohol.

Check out your local activities

Communities usually have tons of fun events to attend if you check out your city’s website. Farmers markets and local festivals can prove to be delightful to view the vernacular creativity that surrounds you in support of your local businesses. July 4th is another event that is celebrated yearly which will typically provide an explosive night of fireworks for everyone of all ages to enjoy. Looking for these types of local activities can keep you busy while having a good time sober.

Get your lay of the land

Look for hiking trails that are in the surrounding areas to visit. Being in nature can bring about a sense of peace that can keep you grounded in your recovery. When you see the beautiful creation around you as you move up the trail, you may be filled with a connection to your Higher Power that will be indescribable

Find enjoyment on the water

During the summer months, depending on where you live, there are companies that rent out jet skis at local lakes or in lagoons. You can learn how to maneuver the skis on a course that is laid out for drivers to jet around in which can be extremely enjoyable. If you are not interested in jet skis, you can also find paddles boards to rent that provide a relaxing time when checking out all the things that encircle the water.

Go to a $1 movie showing

The heat can get unbearable at times, so why not find some entertainment with the air conditioning running. Sometimes you can locate theatres in the summer who play older movies for a dollar or for a discounted price. Check your local theatre showtimes to see if they offer any special programs for the summer so you can beat the heat.

Looking into new options for recreation can be fulfilling in your sobriety without having to break the bank. When you have local attractions to attend, you can distract yourself from wanting to have drugs and alcohol to fill the void by having a genuinely good time. Search for new things that make you happy and you will be glad that you did.

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