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4 Ways To Celebrate Your First Sober Fourth of July

Sober Fourth of July

Jul 1, 2022 | Sobriety

People in recovery, even those who have put substance abuse behind them for quite some time, need to be careful during holidays, including enjoying a sober Fourth of July.  Holidays like the Fourth of July can often be triggers for those who have struggled with alcohol use disorder and other substance use disorders.  It’s important to remember that remaining sober on the Fourth should be a priority over any friend or family gathering that may cause stress or disruption to your life. There are many tips for staying sober on any holiday, including the 4th of July, and they are good to review as you start the day so the rest of the day goes smoothly. 

If you’d like a list of tips for staying sober, give us a call at Serenity Oaks. We are always willing to supply educational materials for people in recovery or a friend or family member who would like to support someone and help them in celebrating the Fourth of July sober. 

Celebrating the 4th of July in Recovery

Being in recovery and remaining sober after struggling with alcohol addiction is something to be proud of and continue to work on every day.  No matter whether you took part in inpatient or outpatient treatment, being sober on the Fourth of July in recovery is a big deal and may be tough for some who struggled with alcohol use disorder.  Spending time with loved ones can be very supportive, and it’s good to celebrate the holiday with important people in your life. A good idea is to go through your relapse prevention plan to start the day so that you stay safe and sober for your first 4th of July in Recovery. 

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4 Ways To Stay Sober for the 4th of July

There are a number of things you can do on holidays like the Fourth of July to ensure you stay sober. Here are four suggestions to help you start and finish the Fourth of July sober:

  1. Have an Exit or Escape Plan – This might seem simple but know when to call it a day and leave wherever you are if you don’t feel comfortable.  Remember to drive yourself to make your escape plan foolproof.
  2. Celebrate the Holiday and Celebrate Your Independence from Drugs and Alcohol – Make the day at least a little about you.  Alcohol and drug rehab taught you the coping skills you need, now just go out and use them.
  3. Pick Safe and Sober – There’s no reason why you can’t go to a sober event on the Fourth of July.  Pick a sober friend and a sober event and enjoy the day.
  4. Just Say No – If holidays like the Fourth of July are just too stressful for you right now, just say no to invitations and attend a virtual event with a sober friend in the safe and sober confines of your own home. 

Why Some People Relapse Over the Holidays

People with a history of alcohol abuse sometimes relapse over the holidays due to the pressure to be like everyone else.  There is often a, “One drink won’t kill you,” attitude that people in recovery face. Spending time with the wrong people or in the wrong place can lead to a bad situation. Alcohol addiction is something you will have to deal with every day, even in recovery, and concentrating on remaining sober on the Fourth is more important than attending an Independence Day party. 

What To Do If You’re Triggered

If you are triggered on Independence Day, remember your coping skills and relapse prevention plan.  If meditation is one of your prevention methods, don’t be afraid to step away for however long you need to get back in the right frame of mind.  Be sure to take advantage of recovery meetings leading up to the holiday, too. 

Relapse Prevention Resources at Serenity Oaks

Relapse prevention is one of the big keys to staying safe and sober.  Let us help you help yourself with relapse prevention resources at Serenity Oaks.  Call us today for tips on staying sober and other educational material. 

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