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10 Signs Your Weekend Binge Drinking Is A Problem

Weekend Binge Drinking

Aug 1, 2022 | Alcohol Addiction

What Is Weekend Binge Drinking?

Weekend binge drinking is characterized by individuals who refrain from drinking alcohol throughout the work week but will engage in heavy drinking on the weekends. For many there is a common misconception that drinking alcohol on the weekend is warranted after a long week of hard work. Your intention is to relax and finding the harm in an after-work drink seems like there is little to no risk. However, binge drinking on the weekend can still have serious health risks and can impact your day-to-day life including your relationships with loved ones. 

When Weekend Binge Drinking Becomes A Problem

The difference between enjoying a drink on a Friday night after work and when your alcohol consumption becomes excessive is that binge alcohol abuse poses a threat to your overall health and wellbeing. There are some who can manage to have a casual drink after work and stop drinking. However, for others, having one casual drink is not possible for others. Once you have one, you begin engaging in alcohol consumption in large doses which poses a significant risk for your health, relationships with loved ones, and ability to perform day to day functions. 

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Health Effects of Binge Drinking

Engaging in heavy alcohol consumption and binge drinking behaviors can have the following health effects on an individual:

  • Alcohol poisoning 
  • Increased risk of injuries from car accidents, falling down, or other impaired judgment. 
  • Liver disease including alcoholic hepatitis or cirrhosis 
  • Weakened immune system 
  • Increased risk of transmitting sexually transmitted infections 
  • Cardiovascular concerns including high blood pressure, stroke, or cardiomyopathy 
  • Increased risk of colon, breast, esphogual, mouth, or throat cancer 
  • Pancreatitis 

When to Seek Help for Your Drinking

If you are concerned about your weekend drinking habits or a loved ones weekend drinking patterns and want to know when it is time to seek alcohol addiction treatment programs, the following are signs it is time to reach out for help: 

  • Inability to stop after one casual drink
  • Alcohol consumption is viewed as a reward after a long or productive day 
  • While under the influence of alcohol abuse, your personality changes and behavior patterns change dramatically 
  • Relationships with your family and friends become significantly impacted due to your alcohol abuse 
  • Experiencing feeling guilty after a night of alcohol consumption including feeling guilty about your actions or inability to remember what happened the night before 
  • Behaving in aggressive or violent ways while drinking alcohol 
  • Thinking of when you can have another alcoholic beverage on a regular basis. 
  • Putting your loved ones in risky situations due to your alcohol consumption 
  • Attempting to maintain a feeling of slight intoxication by having one or two alcoholic beverage 
  • Putting your job at risk or experiencing workplace difficulties due to your alcohol consumption

Get Help for Alcohol Abuse and Addiction at Serenity Oaks

If you are exhibiting signs your weekend drinking has become problematic in your life, Serenity Oaks offers a drug and alcohol rehab program that will help you overcome your battle with alcohol use disorder. Through our continuum of care, patients are invited to participate in alcohol detox, inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, and aftercare planning that will ensure you heal from your alcohol addiction physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our dedicated team will help you overcome alcohol withdrawal and gain perspective on the root causes of your substance abuse through evidence based addiction therapy methods. Find out more about the treatment programs offered within Serenity Oaks rehab program and start your journey today towards a life of sober living. Get in touch with us at (833) 720-0708.

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