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WWE Diva Comes Out About Addiction

WWE Diva Comes Out About Addiction

Jul 31, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Addiction

The show Total Divas on the E! Channel has had its share of women wrestlers, known as WWE Divas, come and go. One those interesting Divas that had controversy in and out the ring was one who was known for her fiery red hair named Eva Marie. On several episodes where others are drinking, Eva Marie let them know that she did not drink. She did eventually open up and state that she had problems with alcohol before she came onto the show. Drinking alcohol led her to have several DUI’s which she had to serve 3 months in jail for.

Since leaving the WWE back in 2016, Eva Maria, whose real name is Natalie Marie, has been more vocal about her addiction and what she does to stay sober through her Instagram posts, sharing on her YouTube channel, and various interviews she gives to the press. She has described a time where she got out of jail, had an apartment that she rented for a discounted price since someone had recently been previously murdered there, and had little hope for her life. Once she began her road to recovery, things quickly changed when she began to devote necessary time to her program.

Eva Marie expands on how her life has changed in sobriety and has laid out her program in this statement, “Now, I am married, have multiple thriving businesses, a career in entertainment that I could only have dreamed of, and live in a beautiful home with my husband. But here’s the thing: I am still an alcoholic. This fairytale life is always one drink away from shattering. That’s why I attend 6am AA meetings multiple times a week and do weekly step work with my sponsor. It’s also why, at meetings, I’m always on the lookout for women to sponsor myself. It is work, and it is time consuming, but it is the best change I’ve ever made in my life.”

The experience, strength, and hope she shares regularly is her truth on how to stay sober one day at a time. Eva Marie has also been very open that her growth stems from doing the next indicated step. “Here’s what I wish someone told me back then: Your life won’t magically transform overnight. There will be extreme highs and extreme lows. The chances are that you will relapse at least once—but do not quit. To those starting a program, stick with it. Keep pushing forward no matter how hard it gets. I promise you it’s worth it.” Just like Eva Marie – you’re worth it.

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