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Will New Opportunities Come My Way When I Get Sober?

Jan 31, 2018 | QA

As addicts and alcoholics, we are on the hunt to get everything we want and that still usually is not enough for us. Under the influence, our opportunities can be limited to what is offered to us because our substance abuse can make us act inappropriately without humility and graciousness. Once we get sober and get into recovery, a whole new world can open for us if we step back and get out of the way. The opportunity of a lifetime becomes ubiquitous for those who can see it and it want.


  • Opportunity for growth


Recovery is indicative to helping someone change into a sober member of society. With help of a 12-Step program & therapy, getting to the root of all our strife can be assessed by learning the causes and effects of our addiction. Letting go of all the burdens can free us up for better thoughts and actions.


  • Opportunities to be of service


We continue to take and take during our addiction. Although we might not be ready in early sobriety to give back, eventually we will be ready to give back what was so freely given to us. We must remember how wonderful it was to have someone put their hand out to us and return the favor.


  • Opportunity to be healthy


Drugs and alcohol tear our bodies up when we use and drink to the access. When we get sober, we can sometimes reverse the damage we may have done to harm our bodies. Sometimes it can be too late, but ultimately the body is resilient and can rejuvenate itself with the help of our changed diet, exercise, sleep, and water intake.


  • Opportunity to clean up


This may not necessarily be in the physical sense, even though we start looking better when we cut out the poison we have been putting in our bodies with drugs and alcohol. We really can clean up all the messes we have made with the wreckage of our past. We should work on mending relationships, paying back money that is owed, and rectifying situations where we have wronged people, so we can clear away much of our baggage that we have stowed for years that made us abuse drugs and alcohol.

Taking the opportunities that are offered to us can make us stronger in our recovery. Once those opportunities are upon us, we should be grateful that we have the opportunity to have better our thoughts and actions that keep us involved in our recovery.






If you, or someone you know, is having a difficult time in their recovery, let Serenity Oaks Wellness Center adorn your soul with newfound opportunities. Our holistic therapies and 12-Step aspects can help you to build new opportunities every day.

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