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Will Going to Rehab Cure My Addiction?

Will Going to Rehab Cure My Addiction?

May 30, 2018 | QA, Rehab

Having continued problems due to your addiction could mean finding yourself receiving treatment at a rehabilitation center. Although there is much work to do regarding your addiction during treatment, there is no cure for addiction. Only conventional abstinence can help to get you clean and sober which has been shown to be more statistically prevalent when you receive help and support with your addiction ongoing.  

To be cured of something means that the ailment will be permanently gone which is not an option with an addiction. Triggers and cravings may go away eventually in recovery, but they will always be there waiting for you to slip up in a moment of weakness. If relapse does occur, then the obsession to drugs and alcohol will return making it almost impossible for you to stop on your own. Being addicted to drugs and alcohol means that once you have that first drug or that first drink, you are playing Russian roulette with the amount of control that you will have over your addiction. Having an addiction typically means drinking and using will become out of hand and will most likely lead you back to enduring terrible consequences.

Going to rehab can enrich your chances of staying clean and sober by learning recovery tools to assist you in a pinch when you are feeling unsteady in your sobriety. When life has its ups and downs, it can really take a toll on someone’s recovery efforts. Having a plan of action can give you some insurance when times get tough to know that you can stay sober through anything that comes your way including the imperious urge to use or drink.

During treatment you will be exposed to a whole new environment that will help you to conform to a recovery lifestyle. By accepting that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, you can transform your addictive behaviors to ones that are more conducive to your new ways in sobriety. You will have many changes to make and although it may seem difficult at first, you will be pleased with the adjustments in the long run.

While there is no cure yet for alcohol addiction rehab, there are plenty of recovery tools that can aid you in keeping you clean and sober. Using these tools during the times that your addiction triggers you can make the difference you have been looking for all along in your sobriety.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drugs and alcohol, Serenity Oak Wellness Center can show you how to pick up your recovery tools to stay clean and sober. Our 12-Step aspects and holistic therapy combined can show you how to adorn your soul in recovery.

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