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Why You May Be Resistant to Suggestions

Why You May Be Resistant to Suggestions

Nov 12, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Addiction

There are reasons why you may resist suggestions and advice, like those in the 12 Steps. For one, even if you attend fellowship meetings or are in a rehab, you may not value your own life. This can be a result of childhood neglect, you’ve done something for which you feel terribly guilty, or something has made you think you don’t deserve to be alive. Whatever it is you owe it to yourself to get therapeutic help, because you are valuable.

Perhaps if you follow the advice or suggestions offered, you’ll find relief, but you don’t really want it. You are afraid of the unknown. How am I going to make it in the world as a person recovering from a drug addiction or alcoholism? You may also think your problems will just go away on their own without having to face them or follow through with the hard personal work.

In deciding to recover from substance abuse, you’ve probably come face to face with denial. Denial not only interferes with the ability to act rationally, but it impedes positive action. I don’t have to follow the suggestions offered because my addiction isn’t that bad. When you face your situation, you’ve already taken a step towards healing.

Another reason why you may be resistant to suggestions is obstinance. Obstinance is a behavior. A person in recovery might not be able to stand another point of view because it doesn’t match you they think they are. Their ego is unchecked, and they can become obstinate to the point where they feel threatened. Obstinance can also fall under the category of a pain-avoidance.

I don’t want to follow these suggestions because they will take too long! If you feel this way, you may not have a clear understanding of the recovery process. It is not Same Day Service. Recovery is a journey through education about addiction, learning about yourself and coming out into the world again. It doesn’t involve a time frame. It does require you to be patient with yourself. It can be difficult to look closely at resistance to suggestions. Consider going slowly and treating yourself with kindness.

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