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Why Should Your Thoughts Follow Your Actions?

Why Should Your Thoughts Follow Your Actions?

May 28, 2018 | QA

A well-known philosophy that Bill W, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, has passed on for generations is that your thoughts will follow your actions. In the book, Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism: The Australian Experience, Commemorate, Bill Wilson is quoted as saying, “You can’t think your way into right action, but you can act your way into right thinking.”

What exactly does that statement mean? Obviously, you must think about what you are doing before you actually do something. The mind is continuously trainable, however, no matter how complex it may be. There are actions that are taken that overtime involve no intentional thinking like driving. For driving, the mind and the body work together to maneuver the car in a robotic manner. You naturally turn on the blinker when you are turning or constantly push the gas pedal down without consciously thinking to yourself keep pushing on the gas. You just automatically do it over time.

This is the same way with the actions you take in life. If you are out there hustling to get drugs and alcohol to keep from contracting withdrawals, most likely the actions that you are taking will not give you any self-esteem to do what is appropriate. Doing risky or questionable behaviors will make your thought process in more of a negative nature because of what you are doing. Now the antagonism may not happen right away but overtime the more you continue to do self-derogating acts, the more that your thoughts will become prolongedly bleak and disturbing.

In recovery, you surely will come with an adverse outlook on life. Most people do. You can change that at any time and never have to feel that way again. What usually happens is that you will start learning tools that will help you better your actions and show you how to be grateful for what you have. Having a newfound appreciation will turn your thoughts into something different than you may have expected – giving back what was freely given to you. Most people in recovery develop the sense of how to be service to others because that is what recovery is based on.

When you begin to hear other people in recovery talk about how being of service improved their quality of life, you might just start taking their suggestions and put your hand out to others to remain sober. Once you get into the motion of service work, you should feel better for taking more beneficial actions in your life thus proving Bill W’s theory – your thoughts follow your actions.

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