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Why Should I “Resort” to Recovery?

Feb 1, 2018 | QA

When you hear the word the “resort” you may think of vacation or going to a popular destination on a trip. In recovery, to resort means to “turn to and adopt (a strategy or course of action, especially a disagreeable one) so as to resolve a difficult situation”. For most addicts, it takes a plan of action to stop drinking and using for the long-term.

When an active addict is heavy in their addiction, all they can think about is how they are going to keep the effects of their high alive. It becomes a full-time responsibility for them that can be quite difficult. Trying to end what has consumed their life, can be a hard change to make. Most are unable to see what the addiction has done and need help to stop. Looking at reasons why you should resort to recovery can help you come to conclude to stop altogether.

Your consequences have gotten too big.

Addiction can make even the best person do things that they would not do in their right mind. There is an imaginary switch that turns off their morals and turns on the desperation to achieve their high.


  • Refigure your switch. Instead of going to any lengths to get high, you should go to any lengths for recovery.


Your life has become desolate.

Not only do addicts push people away that come in between them and their addiction, but they also allow themselves to become empty on the inside trying to feel a void that will never be filled to the capacity that they want it to be. This is where part of the insanity of addiction comes into play. Addicts run on the never-ending hamster wheel trying to catch that perfect high which is almost impossible attain.


  • Get off that wheel and get into recovery.


Your mental, physical, and spiritual health is failing.

Drugs and alcohol are poison to an addict. They may make the addict feel good with their pleasing effects to numb out reality. What really is happening is that the mind, the body, and the spirit are slowly dying to compensate for the addict’s dependence on drugs and alcohol.


  • Pay attention to what the drugs and alcohol are really doing and make healthier choices.


Once an addict makes the decision that they must stop using and drinking for good, getting together a systematic approach to recovery can give a recovering addict some much needed prosperity. Resorting to recovery can make the difference in sobriety to help a recovering addict gain back their life.






If you, or somebody you know, needs help with drugs and alcohol, Serenity Oaks Wellness Center can help you to resort in your recovery to adorn your soul. Our well-trained staff can be instrumental in showing you how to use recovery tools to stay sober for the long-term.

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