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Why Rock Bottom Could Save Your Life

Why Rock Bottom Could Save Your Life

Aug 24, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Addiction

Inevitably there will come a time when you will hit a bottom so low that you will cooperate to receive the sustenance you will need to change. Sometimes the consequences become unbearable and you may be finally willing to stop using drugs and alcohol to find your way out of the problem. Jail, divorce, financial loss, strained relationships, and near-death experience can all be a huge wake up call to let you know that if you continue down this path, things will progressively get worse. If you let it, your rock bottom could save your life.

The only way is up

Once you get to the lowest point in your life, you only have two choices. You can either keep going down in your addiction or go up in your recovery. The most important thing you can do when you are in a hole is stop digging. With recovery measures in place you can learn to navigate life and come out on top.

Chaos can be a stepping stone

Some of the most brilliant people in our society have taken their suffering and used it for strength. Your darkest moments could make you become the person you were meant to be. Without having to endure adversity, there would be no growth to be had.

You accept you are flawed

No one is perfect – no matter how hard you try. Acknowledging you have character defects can be instrumental to stop putting so much pressure on yourself which leads to you to drugs and alcohol every time. The things that make you imperfect and different are the very things that make you who you are.

Pain is a motivator

When you get into enough pain you will change and sometimes that pain is reveals itself through your rock bottom. The spotlight will be on your unhappiness, faults, and issues which can make you see what the truth really is. Clarity can be the key factor in knowing what you will need to change and what should be reset.

Grateful is an understatement

Those who hit bottom and get another chance at redemption will inevitably feel blessed. Some people do not get the opportunity with a do over yet here you still are. Thank your lucky stars for for another day of sobriety and mean it.

Rock bottom is never easy, but the alternatives can be much worse. Understand the position you are in and get busy in your recovery program. You will be ecstatic that you get a second chance to reclaim your pride and dignity.

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