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Why Must I Share my Story in Recovery?

Why Must I Share my Story in Recovery?

Jun 25, 2018 | QA, Recovery

A key element in a 12-Step program is sharing in general way what it was like and what it is like now. When you attend a meeting, inevitably you will hear how others got sober along with stories of the demoralizing incidents that led them to start their journey in recovery. When you are new you may sit in the rooms and listen intently to everything that you hear, laugh when someone says something funny, and walk away with some insightful nuggets of truth for yourself. One of things that you may not feel like doing is sharing your own story. Talking in front of practically strangers about your misfortunes can be frightening to say the least. No one really wants to talk about all the wicked things that happened when they were out because who wants to admit those things out loud? Someone who wants to stay sober will.

Takes the power out

Something that gets redistributed in your head repeatedly just bogs you down. Telling others your faults, your fears, and your fulfillment can stop the negativity that continues to have a hold over you. When you share your story, you give others the gumption to do the same.

Carries the message

Sharing your story allows you to be of service to people that hear it. Being vulnerable to speak in front of others about your shame and guilt, gives them the opportunity to realize that they are not alone. Giving them a platform to relate to can give them hope that they can stay sober too.

Allows support

If you are being tight lipped with the people in your group, you are not giving them a way to get to know you better. Most people are not nosy as much as they want you to stay sober, so they want to know where you are in your program to help you stay accountable. Letting others get to know you better gives you a way to become more confident in yourself.

You do not have to become a circuit speaker in the 12-Step program realm, but sharing your story is an important aspect in recovery. Even if you feel like you have nothing to share and get social anxiety around others, if you take the action of participating within the group to share your experience strength and hope, you will find that you can gain the essentials of recovery – honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness.

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center wants to hear your story of what has happened during your drug and alcohol addiction, so we can help you to get sober. By telling us what has happened in your past, you have a better opportunity to open up during our holistic therapy and with our 12-Step aspects to receive the help that you need for today.

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