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Why Journaling in Recovery is the Write Thing to Do

Why Journaling in Recovery is the Write Thing to Do

Jul 27, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Recovery

A great recovery tool to get to know yourself much better is journaling. There are amazing benefits from simply sitting down and noting whatever comes into your mind. With the all of thoughts that travel through the space in your head, journaling is one way to organize the endless mishmash of ideas, dreams, goals, successes, fears, desires, and pain. Writing these things down is an excellent way to expel them into a new perspective to gain some necessary clarity.

Provides an outlet for right now

Whatever feeling you are experiencing in the moment can be squashed with the movement of your pen on a piece of paper. Instead of holding onto resentments, you can literally transcribe why you felt what you felt in merely a few moments. Taking the initiative to write and move on will liberate your emotions.    

Provides an outlet to see growth

When you take the time to write in a journal, you can look back weeks or months later and see where you were before. You may have already moved on from what you wrote and wonder why you had worried or gotten upset about that situation in the first place. In the process, you will get to comprehend how you were able to let it go and see what lesson was learned from the situation.

Provides an outlet to tell the truth

Your journal is really only for your eyes and for the eyes of your Higher Power. Imagine if you were writing untruths on your pages, you would be straight up lying to yourself and to a power greater than yourself. Journaling gives you an opportunity to get honest with yourself which will trickle honesty into all areas of your life.

Provides an outlet to be creative

Not all journaling has to be about you. If you are so inclined, write some nonfiction short stories or post on a BlogSpot about recovery. Writing about the things that you enjoy or passing along information that you see fit to share with others can give you the avenue to be entertaining or to help others.

Writing is a great way to let go of the things that you may have kept locked up for years. Putting pen to paper creates some undeniable magic to those who have tried it. You do not have be fancy or professional to write. Try journaling for the therapeutic properties that people have been using for years, so you can reap the benefits as well.  

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