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Why does Mental Health Have to be Treated Mind, Body, Spirit?

Sep 11, 2017 | Mental Health, QA

Good mental health inspires us to be more mindful of our feelings, our thoughts, and our actions. We learn how to have better coping mechanisms for our trials and tribulations.  Changes in our mental health due to illness, addiction, financial stress, loss of a loved one, or other life modifications are sure to interrupt good mental health on some level.

A whole person is multi-faceted by the mind, body, and spirit. To administer treatment to the whole person means that if one part is out of sync, then the function of the others could be out of sync as well. Figuring out how to integrate the mind, body, and spirit for the sake of operating mental health is important. They are naturally linked together in so many ways that it is illogical to think of them all as completely separate entities.

The trio of the mind, the body, and the spirit all contribute different aspects to our mental health. Our brain is an organ that can be susceptible to continuous change. The brain is either getting stronger or lying dormant due to imbalance of mental health. Feelings and thoughts are also controlled in our brains which can lead to negative physical ailments in the body. High blood pressure, weakening of the immune system, and heart problems affect our body due to the high amounts of stress. These conditions of the body make it harder to do activities that once were attainable. If we are no longer able to do these motions, it can then alter our spirit. Spirit is important to our mental health because it manages our thoughts and feelings and how we respond to them. If we are in a bad place mentally and physically, most likely our spirit will suffer too. To get this trio back into a working triangle, we need to utilize different methods to rule out which part is being afflicted the most.

Ask for help. There is help available for us if we are ready and willing to trust the process. A doctor or a therapist can help deal with what is going on physically and mentally.

Relax the mind and the body. Use meditation, music, and exercise to help calm ourselves.

Cultivate the spirit. Trying 12-Step programs, reiki, yoga, or any other devotional measures are useful to strengthen our spirit. These types of movements can help us open up in expressing and acknowledging our feelings and thoughts.


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