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Why Do We Celebrate Recovery Milestones?

Why Do We Celebrate Recovery Milestones?

Aug 30, 2018 | QA, Recovery

People who have become sober usually have two days out of the year that they spend celebrating a birthday. These two days consist of the day they were born into the world and the day that they were reborn into sobriety. The question that may come up for you is, “Why do you celebrate something you should have been doing all along?” The answer you should respond with is, “Why not?”

To celebrate

Whether it is a gender reveal, an engagement, the Oscars, or the victory of your favorite sports team, everyone celebrates with what makes them feel special. Sobriety is a hard journey to endure and if you can mark a milestone that makes you feel proud, take a chip. Staying sober one day at a time is a miracle and you should be happy with where you are in your recovery.

To self-reflect

Looking back on where you came from can be a humbling experience. Addiction took away so much from you and yet you lived through it. Being able to measure the growth with a length of time reveals the progress that you have had in recovery. You were given the gift of desperation to stay sober and you should honor that milestone with self-reflection. Seeing your addiction in the rearview mirror is one of the greatest gifts you can receive.

To be motivated

Inspiration to keep going is crucial. Human nature dictates that most people will give up in uncomfortable situations before they receive the benefits of all their hard work including recovery. If taking a chip gives you the oomph that you need to keep moving forward, get that chip. Motivation is the key to staying on the windy path of recovery.

To be grateful

Staying sober for any length of sobriety is a big deal. Celebrating a milestone can make you thankful for the people that have entered your life in recovery or supported throughout your life. Although you should be grateful for every day that you have remained sober, having a day that you are able to express your blessedness for your recovery can give you the opportunity to thank your mentor, sponsor, or friends who have given you moral support.

Sobriety is meant to have fun and so is celebrating your sobriety milestones. For all the work you must put into staying sober, get that chip. You are worth it.

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