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Why Do People Addicted to Drugs Resort to Such Lows?

Nov 23, 2017 | Drug Addiction, QA

People that are addicted to drugs may behave in ways that they never thought they would resort to. They may find themselves stealing, prostituting, or even using fraudulent activity to get the drugs they need to maintain their high. Drugs are known to lower someone’s inhibitions which can also lower their standards of how they would normally behave. Having a lower impulse control can greatly impact an addict to turn to criminal activity due to the desperation that they feel to get more drugs. Since drugs can take a person down when they are feigning for them, sometimes the addict will exploit drastic measures to get their next fix.

Addicts defy sound and logic in understanding why they resort to such lows to abuse substances. Reality is thrown out the window when an addict is under the influence. The mind becomes corrupt when it detects the caveat of withdrawal from drugs. Since the disease of addiction centers in the brain, a cerebral chemical imbalance from drugs can directly affect why an addict takes certain actions. Addicts are not wreckful because they wish to be. They usually are influenced by the chemical makeup in the brain that generates uncouth ethics and where the disease of addiction becomes a reality.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction is a chronic brain disease that results in compulsive substance abuse in which addicts will continue to seek drugs, no matter the consequences they will face. Quantifiable changes in the chemical makeup of the brain can be noticed with the addict’s number one priority being drugs, instead of the necessities such as diet and sleep. There is no surprise that the addiction interferes with normal brain function.

Chemicals released from the reward center of the brain allow a person to feel pleasure when a need has been met such as for hunger or sex. The same thing happens when drugs release high levels of pleasurable chemicals into the brain. Over a period of time, excessive amounts of these chemicals create changes in the brain to where the body needs the drugs to feel normal. Once this change takes place in the brain, experts believe that an addict will lose control of their behavior.

Behavior becomes noticeably different when an addict is practicing their addiction making them carry out degrading acts. When executive functions of the brain are impaired by drugs, it is no wonder how an addict can go from being a responsible individual to one that only has drugs on the brain.

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