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Why Do People Addicted to Drugs Lose Their Practice of Hygiene?

People addicted drugs give the highest priority to their addiction. The drugs take precedence over everything else including hygiene. The main reason that hygiene takes the back seat to drugs is because addicts just do not care. The drugs make an addict feel high on so many levels that hygiene is just not as big of a concern as getting that next high.

There are many aspects that are affected with the practice of hygiene. The lack of self-esteem is one the main reasons that hygiene suffers during addiction. “To look good is to feel good” motto is a real thing. Drug addiction strips away personal confidence because the drugs tend to strip away the moral compass. Addicts under the influence will generally do whatever it takes to get their fix including cheating, lying, and stealing. These actions come with the price of self-degradation which also lowers their regard to hygiene.

The environment that addicts have around them can usually depict how well they will take care of themselves. Addicts that remain high all day may not have the capacity to clean their surroundings. Filthy homes or living in drug houses can become a possibility for drug addicts. Conforming to their dirty surroundings may not inspire them to keep themselves clean which directly affects their hygiene.

Hygiene impacts many areas of an addict’s personal hygiene and appearance. Not only do addicts forget their hygiene, but taking care of themselves becomes second in command to their addiction.

  • Sullied Possessions
    Homes become neglected when addicts have a heavy infatuation with drugs. Paraphernalia and drugs become their prized possessions and their other material possessions become soiled and contaminated from being neglected.
  • Body Health
    Poor hygiene leads to body odor due to not properly or consistently washing their body. Infections of the skin and other body parts are very common with addicts due to physical symptoms that are manifested by drug usage.
  • Oral Health
    Dental care can be highly dilapidated along with addiction. It is not uncommon to see addicts with bad breath and rotting or yellow teeth due to direct effects that drugs can have on oral care. Negative consequences that develop in the addict’s mouth typically does not cause alarm for them since they have no real urgency to keep a consistent oral regimen.

Addicts are usually oblivious to how their hygiene has taken a turn for the worse. Losing their practice of hygiene is simply another symptom that addiction precipitates which starts in making their appearance unrecognizable.

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