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Why Do I Have to Work the Steps with a Sponsor?

Dec 13, 2017 | QA, Treatment

One of the best things about 12-Step programs is that you do not HAVE to do anything. 12-Step programs are based off suggestions rather than demands. Doing what is suggested has been shown by addicts that these programs are successful if they put the work in. One of the main suggestions of the program is to walk through the 12 Steps with another person, also known as a sponsor.

The role of a sponsor is to pass on their experience of recovery to someone that needs support because someone hopefully passed it on to them. The general criteria of finding a sponsor is someone that is relatable and someone that “has what you want”. Not necessary in the material sense, but more along the lines of having some principles and finding some of the same similarities.

Once a sponsor has been picked, it is now suggested that the 12 Steps be worked with said sponsor. Most 12-Step programs display the 12 Steps on the wall for everyone to see. You would not be abnormal if you have read through them initially thinking that you had worked all 12 by just browsing through each one. Realistically, you are not really working them if you are not taking any action with them. The action you reach with The Steps will give you the result that each 12-Step program promises, so that means you need someone else to show you how it is done.

12-Step programs are considered “we” programs because it is one addict talking to another addict to help get through the hardships of being sober and understand your addiction. A sponsor is someone that provides encouragement, guidance, explanation, and solace. A sponsor should have a sponsor who has a sponsor and so forth, to be able to answer any pertinent questions that a sponsee may have to point them in a better direction.

Having a sponsor to tell everything to starts you on the path of being honest, open-minded, and willing to do whatever it takes to stay sober. Getting emotional support from someone who has been through the same hell in addiction, makes addicts relate to each other without judgment. Going through life alone did nothing for you and having someone to walk the journey of recovery can make things start to make more sense. Get a sponsor. Work the Steps. Change your life.

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