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Why Did Trump Declare Us in a Public Health Emergency?

Feb 5, 2018 | QA

Sometimes it can be hard to relate to people that have higher ranks than us, such as our President, especially due to different political beliefs. Because of the different political parties and the stance they take on environmental, social, and economical issues, people may judge and criticize people in political power, since they feel like their own opinions are not being validated.  

There has been no secret that President Trump has never taken a drink or a drug. He has stated this fact many times in the past and present with the press. For that reason, many addicts may have disassociated themselves from the President because they might have believed that he cannot relate to addiction. President Trump indeed made himself much more vulnerable to us in the addiction recovery world. He opened to us about his brother, Fred, during his speech to address the opioid crisis. He stated that his brother, Fred, had a “problem with alcohol” and that “he lived a very, very tough, tough life”.

Opioid Addiction hits close to home for many Americans even if they do not have substance abuse themselves. Families are devastated by opioid addiction and President Trump’s message was to teach young people about the potential dangers of drug addiction. He promised “massive advertising campaigns” to reach a broader audience since addiction does not discriminate in demographics, gender, or race. Fred was the reason that President Trump never attempted to try drugs or alcohol and for that reason alone the President wanted to be an influence for others to be able to guide young people and others in the same way.

President Trump put the United States on a Public Health Emergency that must be renewed every 90 days. Now, that is certainly not enough time to accomplish the things that President Trump has vowed to do. The seeds have been planted, and this is better than not having any national exposure at all to this problem. President Trump has assured us that he plans to also initiate in providing non-addictive painkillers as part of the resolution which would be a win for us. Since this problem has hit close to home for President Trump, hopefully he can be a success factor in getting a better hold on the opioid crisis during his presidency.

What we can do here in the addiction recovery world, is to go out there into society and continue to be a “Fred” to guide someone to not pick up drugs and alcohol no matter what. This is the perfect time to exhibit “do as I say not as I did” for us sober addicts and alcoholics to continue to carry the message.






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