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Why Are There So Many 12-Step Programs?

Feb 21, 2018 | QA

12-Step programs have become synonymous with getting help for addiction. There are a variety of 12-Step programs out there can compensate for the different addictions that have come to light in the recent decades. Alcoholics Anonymous pioneered the 12-Step program and by using their basic structure, others have started up to offset specific addictions.

The keystone to staying sober is support. Most persons with substance abuse have proven time and again that they cannot stay sober by doing it alone. Asking for help can take away some of the burden that someone with addiction regularly bears solo. Getting involved into a fellowship where everyone is trying to achieve the same type of abstinence, can be the missing link that can make an individual attempt to be sworn off ongoing.

One of the problems that keeps someone from attending a 12-Step program is not being able to relate to the people and to their solution. There are individuals struggling with drugs that may not necessary relate to someone who is battling alcoholism. The effects of one drug may not click with the effects of another drug alienating someone from not being able to see the bigger picture of how a 12-Step program really works. One of the first suggestions that 12-Step programs make is “to find the similarities rather than differences”. Hence the need for the diversity in 12-Step programs.

Although someone who is abusing food could use same the method as someone who is abusing substances, the terminology that is used in the program can make trying to comprehend the different forms of abuse a problem. Anyone who is trying to need to accomplish a plan of action does better when they are able to use simple instructions instead of trying to change up the verbiage to suit the specific addiction.

Having the choice of so many different 12-Step programs gives the people that need to attend them a better chance of recovery. Referencing the appropriate information as to why they may have the problem in the first place, can help them better acquire the solution that they are searching for. People are more apt to being fruitful in their attempts of recovery by using the simplest terms for more solid results. The words could be mentally changed out everywhere they needed to be, but having different programs helps so many more become proficient in staying on the wagon.





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