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Why are Celebrities not Anonymous in Their Addiction?

Everyday it seems like there is yet another celebrity being called out in their addiction. While standing in the checkout line buying some groceries you may see a celebrity being outed for their substance abuse along with arrests, domestic violence charges, and rehab stints that are reported on.

Although the behavior that a celebrity exhibits can be a controversy, the real controversy lies with whether or not it is appropriate to break addiction anonymity. Some people think that celebrities deserve it because that is what they signed up for when they got famous, while others think that spilling the beans is not fair because the celebrity is a human and deserves privacy.

Celebrities may not have a choice in keeping it out of the press, but there are celebrities that advocate for recovery and want to share their experience, strength, and hope with a global audience as a public service announcement. Being in the spotlight is a complex position to be in. Putting emphasis on solution and that recovery can work is sure to reach a broader group of addicts. Celebrities have used their platform to reveal their recovery to the world in hopes in helping someone else who is struggling with addiction.


  • Rob Lowe celebrated 25 years of sobriety in 2015 and has Tweeted out “it works if you work it”.



  • Russell Brand has shown his support of 12-Step programs by sponsoring other addicts and writing a book, Freedom from Our Recovery in 2017, to share his experiences.



  • Matthew Perry turned his Malibu beach house into a men’s sober living house to help other addicts in recovery.



  • Jack Osbourne Tweeted a picture using his 12 Steps AA Companion iPhone App showing that he had been 10 years sober in 2013.
  • Robert Downey Jr. has admitted to going to 12-Step meetings regularly, but will not expand on it publicly because of the principle of anonymity. He was quoted saying, “I guess sometimes I want to have a drink with dinner. But then I remember that I have plans for Christmas.”


Kudos to the guys who are making such a splash in the recovery world. Even though celebrities are in the limelight, it can be uncomfortable to have their deepest, darkest secrets and downfalls plastered all over magazines and the internet. Addiction does not discriminate and does not care if you are a regular person or a celebrity.

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