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Why Anxiety and Alcohol Do Not Mix

Feelings of anxiety crop up in different ways for everyone when they are going through life on life’s terms. Anxiety dissipates easier for some, and others continue to have anxiety for long periods of time without being able to shake it. These individuals actually have an anxiety disorder that can disrupt essentially every part of their being.

Getting rid of anxiety may be tough for some due to not be willing to go to therapy or being against taking the medication that is prescribed for anxiety. People with anxiety can resort to drastic measures to shed symptoms of anxiety including drinking alcohol. Unwinding and relaxing can help with anxiety since alcohol is a depressant. Alcohol may seem like a good fit for somebody with anxiety, but it may do more harm than good. Anxiety can be instrumental in generating substance abuse, while alcohol can bring about more anxiety. Putting the two together can become a never-ending cycle of anxiety and alcoholism.

  • Guilt that stems from disappointing friends, family, or an employer while drinking alcoholically can exacerbate anxiety to the max. Panic attacks can emerge from negative self-talk and thoughts that can stem from these circumstances.
  • Alcohol may seem to be helpful in alleviating symptoms of anxiety temporarily, but anxiety can be even more extreme the day after the drinking took place. To keep the symptoms from resuming, alcohol may be used over and over to diminish the anxiety that can lead to a substance abuse disorder. Having an anxiety disorder as well as alcoholism can create a co-occurring disorder that can intensify the symptoms of both disorders concurrently.
  • Anxiety is an alcohol withdrawal symptom. If withdrawal is taking place with someone who also has an anxiety disorder, the symptoms, including anxiety, can be extremely severe to suffer through even more than usual.
  • Someone that is taking anxiety medication can counter the effects that the prescription drugs provide if they are drinking alcohol while they are taking their anxiety pills. To get the best results that medication has to offer, abstain from alcohol to avoid any issues that might arise from mixing the two together. .

Getting help for alcoholism and anxiety is possible. Finding a rehabilitation center that treats co-occurring disorders can give somebody with anxiety and alcoholism a chance to change their coexisting disorders which do not mix.

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