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What You’re Really Doing In Step Ten

What You’re Really Doing In Step Ten

Oct 22, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Addiction

Step 10 reads: Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it. All the 12 Steps in AA are suggestions to help us reshape our behaviors and attitudes about ourselves and others. Promptly admitting when we are wrong, is a kicker. Our ego doesn’t want us to be wrong, and to have to admit it promptly, puts us in a vulnerable place—we may think the other person has the upper hand.

That’s probably not the best attitude or approach for us to take with Step 10 and our recovery. Admitting we are wrong isn’t about giving away our power. It’s about claiming our integrity. If we think about it, what’s the big deal anyway about admitting our mistakes? For one, it can soothe a hurt right there on the spot. Secondly, when we admit we’re wrong, we can defuse tension, or ease an otherwise awkward moment. Step 10 becomes easier every time we practice it.

Admitting when we’re wrong builds strength of character. I know, we don’t need another character-building lesson, but we can think about it, can’t we? Afterall, recovery are the hours, days, weeks, months and years of becoming a better person. Not that we were bad, it’s just that our behavior while drinking alcoholically wasn’t optimal, was it?.

We are after all, human. We can show our disagreeable side at any moment. In a rush to get out of the store, we may cut in front of an older person. If we are paying attention to our actions, we can apologize right then. Think how our apology might affect this person’s day?

Do we have to admit we’re wrong every single time we make a mistake? It’s up to us, the individual. When we get sober, we have the chance to renew our connections with others, even strangers. Decency, courtesy, responsibility, manners, these are but a few of our behaviors that affect others. A simple apology will probably make a person we’ve wronged feel better, and make us feel better about ourselves, too.

As alcoholics in recovery, we need to think other’s feelings, about getting outside our individual problems and challenges, and be responsible human beings once again.

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