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What You Should Know About Track Marks

Apr 25, 2018 | Recovery, Treatment

Drugs can be consumed in a few different ways. They can be taken orally, smoked, or injected intravenously to get the effects of being high. While drugs in any form can be dangerous and hard on the body, shooting illicit drugs into someone’s veins can take drugs to a whole other extreme. The drugs are mainlined into the bloodstream creating an immediate high which can increase the risk of overdose. Infection on the skin where the vein is shot up with drugs is also a concern. These scars, also known as track marks, are caused from jabbing a needle into different parts of the body for the intention of getting high

The most common place that people slam their drugs is into the vein of their forearm that is opposite of their dominant hand since it is easier to administer. Once the vein gets used too much or collapses, other areas of the body are used such as the foot, the hand, the groin, or the neck. Other reasons for moving the location site is because the port of entry will become scarred or inflamed from overuse. This will be apparent to others because the track marks will become highly visible all over the body unless they are covered with tattoos or clothing,

Track marks are an indication of heavy drug use by someone who is a habitual or chronic drug user. Depending on how someone uses dictates how track marks will appear on their epidermis. Scar tissue that follows the path of the veins on the skin of the body is what older track marks look like. They can be detected through dark pigmentation and bruising that is slightly raised. Fresh track marks can be identified by being bloody puncture marks or scabs that have not had time to heal quite yet.

There are several reasons that track marks occur after drug use. People that use drugs habitually will use the same vein for a sure thing until it no longer functions. If someone uses the same needle until the tip is dull, damage will ensue in the vein with repeated blunt force. The use of impure drugs can also generate track marks because illegal drugs many times are cut with ingredients that are considered poison which may cause contamination on the skin.

Chronic drug abuse can lead to unhealthy track marks, or worse, such as flesh-eating diseases, abscesses, blood clots, or infections. Getting help for drug addiction can not only help you to get sober, but can help to heal any medical issues that arise from intravenous drug use.

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