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What You Should Know About SBIRT

What You Should Know About SBIRT

Jul 3, 2018 | Addiction, Recovery

Recovery is full of cliché catch phrases and acronyms that may take some time to research or must be experienced to get the full meaning of each one. SBIRT is a recovery term that has been around for a few decades but has been brought to light in recent years as part of the prevention to drug and alcohol addiction. The acronym stands for Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment which is a healthcare model that supports screening for substance abuse as part of a preventive measure.


A person of interest is examined to learn how substance abuse is affecting them. The results can range from problematic, high-risk, and onto addiction while there may be some who exhibit lower symptoms. Overall, this initial phase can give them awareness and prevention to help diminish their use.

Brief Intervention

Someone that scores low on the range of substance abuse will receive a brief intervention to help them to make better decisions regarding drinking and using. Someone that scores medium to high on the range of substance abuse are given a few counseling sessions that assist in finding the next steps that should be taken for awareness and prevention of their substance use.  Both are offered information regarding goals and strategies that are intended to help reduce their use.

Referral to Treatment

Once someone has been examined with their substance abuse, the next phase is to go to treatment as soon as possible depending on the needs of their addiction and where mental health issues come into play.

SBIRT is used to target and identify those who may be predisposed to addiction and mental health issues to try and stop the symptoms before they even start. The criteria that SBIRT uses can be influential in assisting someone with what to do if substance abuse is a question.


  • They are likely to develop substance abuse before problems have begun.



  • They have displayed high-risk behaviors although they are not ready to admit they may need treatment.



  • A family member may have a loved one with an addiction or with mental issues that needs legal or judicial help to implement treatment.



  • They received a diagnosis of addiction or a mental issue that needs clinical treatment or needs guidance in seeking a facility.


The National Commission on Prevention Priorities ranks SBIRT as one of the top 25 programs that has a beneficial impact with precautionary actions that are delivered to a large population where anyone could be affected with an addiction.

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