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What You Should Know About Drunkorexia

Drunkorexia is a vernacular term that refers to binge drinking without eating to keep from gaining weight. While this can happen to men and women of all ages, typically college-aged women make up the majority of this group, so they can party and get drunk and not gain the “freshman fifteen”- extra weight. There are some binge drinkers that only exhibit eating disorders when they are abusing alcohol, but not when they are sober. Others combine eating disorders with alcohol abuse, which is a problem that faces many in the binge drinking and alcoholic society. There are few reasons that have been found on why people will participate in Drunkorexia.


  • They feel better about drinking alcohol without all the weight gain that follows due to the excessive calories that alcohol provides.
  • They become more intoxicated at a quicker pace on an empty stomach.
  • They can save money because they will not have to buy as much alcohol because they get rapidly drunk.
  • They want to save their money for alcohol rather than food.
  • They are under the impression that they will get their caloric intake by drinking alcohol rather than eating food.


Starvation before binge drinking can affect physical, mental, and emotional aspects on the body. Malnutrition can make people more vulnerable to blackouts, passing out, illness, alcohol poisoning, and injuries at higher rates. When ethanol reaches the bloodstream at a swifter rate on an empty stomach, this can cause alcohol-related brain damage. Alcohol abuse in any form can cause an inimical consequence with hydration and bodily retention of nutrients and minerals. Someone’s cognitive abilities can be negatively impacted by malnutrition directly from Drunkorexia.

Women and men metabolize alcohol differently. Problems with Drunkorexia can become more predominant in women because they get drunker faster and get more exposed to the toxic side effects from their consumption of alcohol, especially without eating.

Statistics from The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders show that 72 percent of women who have confessed to having an addiction to alcohol will also endure an eating disorder. With Drunkorexia, anorexia can become an issue as well as Bulimia. People may feel the need to purge after eating copious amounts of food due to the starvation they demonstrate during Drunkorexia. Not only do they get to get the effects of alcohol, but the fluids can also help in the purging process.

Nationwide, there have been campaigns to educate people with awareness and with counseling to help deter them from Drunkorexia. College campuses are taking action to educate students on why Drunkorexia is an unhealthy practice that can affect their ability to gain a degree to help with their future.

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