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What You Need to Know About Bipolar Disorder

Feb 6, 2018 | Mental Health, Recovery

Bipolar disorder is a common mood disorder that affects millions of adults. The disorder has no bias with who attains it because it affects people in all walks of life. It has been thought of as a disease that only impresses upon addicts and homeless people, but the truth is that anyone can suffer from this condition. Unusual shifts in moods, energy, and being able to conduct normal responsibilities are influenced by this brain disorder.

When bipolar disorder is thought of, the most universal characteristic is the manic and depressive stages that people who have it experience. Individuals will encounter extremely high highs followed by extremely low lows and vice versa. The positive and negative behavior can last for days or up to months.  

When someone with bipolar disorder is in their manic phase they appear to be as happy as a lark and can be productive amidst being easily distracted by their heightened levels of euphoria. Once they have reached the highest level of their mania, they begin to chatter about things that may not make sense by jumping from subject to subject. Along with their non-stop dialogue, it also becomes clear that they have racing thoughts that coexist with one another.

Other signs of mania is declining sleep patterns. People with bipolar are not necessarily being affected with insomnia, but the energy surges that come upon them will keep them from being able to sleep. Exercise and other activities, such as sex, can become a problem when they use them to dispel their pent-up energy. The intensity of their energy builds up and must be relieved in some capacity, so they will overly do these actions in hopes of exerting their access energy.

Once the energy and extreme happiness dissipates, the depressive side of bipolar will show itself. Sufferers will experience acute sadness and hopelessness, chronic pain that cannot be diagnosed to any specific cause, and extreme tiredness. Due to the fatigue that bipolar patients combat, constant decelerated feelings of mental fogginess can lead to suicidal thoughts.

The symptoms of bipolar disorder can force someone to miss many of their day-to-day obligations because they are lethargic during depression. Instead they will seek other endeavors that they perceive to be more important than their true responsibilities. Addiction can be prevalent in persons with bipolar because they are looking for a way to stabilize their mood. Drugs and alcohol will undermine bipolar making symptoms worse.

Consulting with a doctor can help a patient search for answers regarding their disorder. Getting treatment for bipolar disorder is important for someone to get a chance to regulate mood swings and symptoms.





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