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What to Consider When Choosing a Rehab

Mar 13, 2018 | Recovery, Treatment

Getting into a treatment center is a big decision. When searching for one, what is most important, is to find a treatment center that is befitting for all your recovery needs. Before you are keen on letting yourself, or a loved one, go into rehab, it is imperative to do some research so that you do not break the bank or get disappointed when treatment may not be suited for your addiction. Trying to receive the help you need is crucial to staying sober for the long haul. Knowing what you should look for is also essential to getting your needs met for your specific addiction needs.

What am I looking for when attending a rehabilitation facility?

Not all rehabs fit a mold just like all addictions do not fit a mold. Look for a rehab that offers what you are looking for. There are also rehabs that have dual diagnosis treatment and ones that can help with specific issues such as depression, trauma, and anxiety. Some of the other things that you may want to consider is the life skills that they offer and what their prevention plan encompasses.

How long do I need to go rehab for?

Many of the treatment centers offer a 28-day program, but that may not be long enough for some cases of addiction. Some rehabs will give people who have struggled for a long time with their addiction the option to transition into a sober living so that they can learn how to live on their own in the real world instead of being confined to a regulated rehabilitation center for only 28 days. Other rehabs have longer stints, so it is good to ask the duration of treatment to make a well-educated decision.

How will I detox?

The importance of this lies with knowing if the detox is done with medication or not. Some people do not want to replace one addiction with other such as in the case of suboxone or methadone. The method of detoxification can be the deciding factor in how someone stays sober for the long-run. There are rehabs that have a medical detox that rely only on natural vitamins and nutrients while being monitored with their vital signs by healthcare professionals.

What does the nutrition entail?

Nutrition can be a huge factor in figuring out where you should get sober. Many people that are addicted tend to be malnourished and have nutritional deficiencies. Eating healthy food is a great way to rejuvenate some of the body’s problems that have developed from your addiction.

Finding out what a rehabilitation has to provide someone that needs help from addiction, can help make the decision to see if it is right for their recovery. The point of recovery is to get the support you need in all facets of your life to stay sober one day at a time.

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