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What Should I Do if My Son Has an Eating Disorder?

What Should I Do if My Son Has an Eating Disorder?

Jul 13, 2018 | eating disorder, QA

Our society automatically assumes that females are the only gender that suffers from eating disorders. This misconception can pose a disservice for males who have manifested eating disorders. They often get overlooked or are embarrassed with having a disorder that is considered to be primarily feminine. The truth is that eating disorders will affect around 10 million males at some point in their lives. 1 in 3 males have an eating disorder which many go unnoticed or untreated because of the cultural bias that surrounds the stereotype.

Recognize the signs

Eating disorders can develop slowly by taking drastic measures to change the appearance concerning your son’s weight and physique. Extreme dieting, intense workouts, constant weigh ins, immoderate weight loss or muscle gain are all ways that males typically give away their eating disorders.  

Talk to him

Addressing your son about his eating disorder may seem awkward but must be done to ensure that you do not lose him to his dangerous behaviors. Without lecturing him, discuss the harmful way he is living in a concerning way. Ask him what you can do to help and point him in that direction.

Seek support

You will not be able to tackle this problem alone. Find guidance through a healthcare professional, a therapist, or a counselor that can aid in your son’s eating disorder. Trying to aid him without having any knowledge of the how and why of his eating disorder can make things worse before he has been given the support he needs. Let the people who have knowledge in this area lead your son in a healthier way.

Get treatment

There are treatment facilities that specifically designed to help teenager’s with eating disorders. Look for a rehab that offers the type of program that your son needs to help stop him from destroying his body any further. Treatment can help your son understand why they have developed an eating disorder and give them ways to cope with it ongoing.

An eating disorder is more complex than just starving the body or eating and then vomiting. The cause of the eating disorder needs to be discovered to begin any leeway into the solution that will be instrumental in stopping the behaviors that have been consistently masking their pain. The most loving thing that you can do for your son is to support him without any judgement.

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