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What is Your Recovery Language?

Apr 16, 2018 | QA, Recovery

If you have ever heard of the book, The Five Love Languages, you will read in that book that are ways to communicate with the people that you love by using the love language that they speak. The same goes in recovery with having a need to communicate with people as a lifeline to hear the solution that recovery has to offer, without having to preach to them or criticize their valiant efforts.

What makes the recovery world go around is that there are many different people that come together in the name of sobriety. Being people that may not normally associate with each other, having the common ground of trying to recover from an insidious disease that knows no boundaries, helps keep the recovery family together. Finding a sponsor that speaks your recovery language is important to help you keep moving forward in resolution and to put more insurance into staying sober.

Tough Lover

Someone that exhibits tough love comes from a place of honesty. By not sugar coating what needs to happen, tough love has the intention of helping you in the long run. In hopes of moving on, a hard-nosed approach is taken to gain acceptance of the truth by working through your situation.

The Nurturer

Sometimes when you are sick, all you may want is your mom. Since she was the one that took care of you when you were younger, you associate your mother’s touch with care. Having someone that in a sense cares for you while you are working through the sickness of your addiction, can remind you of the support your mother gave you throughout your life to make you feel comforted.

Your Buddy

Having someone that you consider a friend walk with you in recovery can make the fear of the unknown dissipate much quicker. Recovery is meant to be full of friendship, fun, and fellowship.  Getting the motivation you need by hanging out like buddies, will give you the inclination to play follow-the-leader in recovery.

The Encourager

Enlisting you own cheerleader is motivating. You may have heard negative comments your whole life, and quite frankly, you are in need of some praise of your attempts in staying sober. Hearing words of affirmations are important to you and inspires you to get through the ups and downs that recovery has to offer.

Use one of these recovery languages as a way to help you find someone that you can relate to. Ask them to be your sponsor and watch how sponsorship can save your life.

If you are someone you know has a problem with drugs or alcohol, Serenity Oaks Wellness Center can point you into the direction of staying sober. Our holistic therapy and 12-Step aspects combined can be the solution that you need in your recovery.

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