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What is Telemedicine?

Feb 7, 2018 | QA

Active addicts will have all sorts of excuses not to get treatment for their addiction. They are not ready, they cannot leave their families, or that they are not an addict or an alcoholic even though their behavior shows something completely different. Sometimes in more remote or rural areas, the help that is available can be limited to what is offered in more populated areas. This is where telemedicine can be a beneficial solution to someone who needs immediate help for substance abuse.

The use of technology can provide health care options from afar which constitutes the term of telemedicine. Information technology and telecommunications make it more convenient to be able to be transmit medical and health data safely from one to another. Communication between a patient and medical staff is permitted to overcome the distance and help people that are in need of critical care. In-home care is supported through the technological advances of videotelephony by audio-video signals with users at different locations. This can provide patients with prompt care and can give recovering addicts the support that they need to stay sober.

Treatment can be different for recovering addicts in all walks of life. Some may not have any vacation accrued to take time off for treatment. Others may not have a safe place for children to reside while the single addict parent is away for rehab. Using telemedicine as an outpatient program, can give the addict the means they need to stay sober while still having to sustain their responsibilities in their daily life. By using different methods of combining remote monitoring, real-time interactive services, and teletrauma care, recovering addicts can basically receive all the elements of treatment without the residential aspect of a rehabilitation center. One of the reasons that telemedicine has helped with some recovering addicts is because it gives accountability and treatment past the 30-90 day mark to help them maintain sobriety for the long haul.

While every addict is different, it is important to get a treatment plan that will work for each individual. With the opioid crisis and being declared on a Public Health Emergency, finding something that can promote sobriety just might help some of these people out of their addiction. Telemedicine is just another choice to the diverse addiction treatments that our country has to offer. To accommodate every addict individually, there must be a variety of choices to get some of them into a recovery program that they would be willing to follow and specially to plant the seeds that sobriety is feasible.






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