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What is Polydrug Use?

What is Polydrug Use?

Aug 17, 2018 | Addiction, QA

The phenomenon of addiction is continuously trying to gain the euphoric feeling that a person may have felt the very first time that they got high or drunk. Attempting to encounter the incredible pleasure from drugs and alcohol, ups the ante on doing what it takes to get that perfect intoxication once more. People will start with one thing and realize that their tolerance will keep them from getting inebriated in the way that are looking for.

In this instance, with almost a sheer desperation, some people will begin to add other substances to the mix to get them to that next level. Users may begin to concoct their own blend of drug cocktails that they believe will advance them into a mystical state of being under the influence. Polydrug use is the term that is used to explain the use of more than one drug with the intention to receive a certain high that can be obtained from the multiple effects that they produce.

Marijuana and alcohol

Known to the younger generation as “crossfading”, once marijuana and alcohol are consumed together, people may misinterpret how much alcohol their body can actually handle. Drinking alcohol in excess while being high on marijuana has resulted in a number of people to get alcohol poisoning which has led to their death.

Cocaine and heroin

Someone who ingests both cocaine and heroin is using both drugs as a way to counteract each other. Cocaine causes anxiety when used and heroin generates a sedation. When these two are mixed together as a “speedball”, the effects simultaneously work together to cancel out the negative aspects of the drug during the high.

Benzodiazepines and opiates

Prescription drugs are meant to be taken as prescribed by a doctor although they are frequently abused. Once someone feels loaded by them, they will begin to experiment with pills to see how they can get the greatest possible high.

Polydrug use is quite dangerous because of the risk of overdose and health complications that multiple drugs can pose. Over 600,000 visits to the emergency room each year are in part to the dangerous combinations of drugs and alcohol people consume with the intention to make themselves feel better which result in disastrous consequences instead.   

Addiction often occurs in the aftermath of polydrug use because of the intense effects that create a craving. People who become addicted to more than one drug, have an exponentially greater chance to be another statistic with overdose.

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