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What is MARA?

What is MARA?

Aug 24, 2018 | Addiction, QA

12-Step programs continue to evolve into new support groups that can accommodate the specific needs of autonomy. Many of the 12-Step groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA), promote total abstinence from any mind-altering drugs. This even means Medicine-Assisted Therapy that uses Suboxone or Methadone to help those in early sobriety who have been unable to stop using drugs on their own.

People who are addicted to drugs may obtain a doctor’s prescription to better aid them in the withdrawal process under a doctor’s care. The stance that AA and NA take can be degrading to individuals who want to work a 12-Step program. To help with the issues that surround the judgement that they may feel, MARA, Medication-Assisted Recovery Anonymous, has been introduced in the last year as the latest 12-Step program which is meant reduce the judgement that members may feel from other total abstinence programs.   

Part of being in a support group is being around people that celebrate the similarities rather than the differences. Most of the members of MARA are using medication-assisted treatment and can advocate each other through the difficulties of staying sober. The newfound program supports MAT but tries to encourage members to stay clear of illicit drugs, unprescribed drugs, and alcohol since that can lead them back to the throes of addiction.

Since NA came out with their pamphlet Narcotics Anonymous and Person Receiving Medication-Assisted Treatment in 2016, they have relayed their opinions concerning sobriety when using MAT in their program. The founder of MARA, Megan McAllister, started meetings in Frankford Philadelphia because she saw the urgency to give those who use MAT and want to use 12-Step recovery measures a place to go. Instead of feeling ostracized when taking chips in NA or AA, the members of MARA can support each other in their sobriety milestones.

MARA meets to talk about the success stories that have come from medication-assisted therapy. Many people who use Suboxone or Methadone go onto to become useful members of society. The ones who abuse the privilege of MAT and use it as a crutch to keep getting high rather as a tool to taper off other drugs, ruin how others view the effectiveness of this type of therapy. For those who have had success attest to the life-saving effects that MAT provides to those who take it as prescribed by a doctor.    

Everyone is different in how they can should get sober for their own personal circumstances. 12-Steps programs are known for coming together based on unity in sobriety and MARA will continue to give many that chance to experience freedom.

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