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What is High-Functioning Addiction?

What is High-Functioning Addiction?

Jun 12, 2018 | Addiction, QA

If you have ever been around someone that uses and drinks more than you could possibly imagine consuming yourself and then see them still succeed in life, you may find yourself asking how that is even possible? There are people that abuse alcohol and drugs that may not fit into the mold of what you think someone that battles an addiction should be. You may actually know people that still have their job, their family, their house, and have plenty of money that makes you wonder how that is feasible with what they display with their behavior when they drink or use. The real answer is that they have a high-functioning addiction.

People that incur a high-functioning addition can be a tough nut to crack. Since there has been no real damage that seems to be have affected them, they are some of the hardest people to get into treatment. They have not hit their bottom in the way that would open their eyes to see the actual problems that arise when they are under the influence. The most dangerous aspect to a high-functioning addiction is that many times the problem may not be spotted quick enough because they are able to hide the real weight and depth of their addiction from others and deny it to themselves because they have not lost enough.

To be high-functioning in an addiction takes a lot of work to cover up the truth of how bad the addiction really is. Someone with substance abuse usually has the inability to be honest with others and with themselves and will continue to cover the traces of their addictive behaviors pretty well with excuses and justifications. They may also hang out with other high-functioning addicts so that their drinking and using continues to be the norm among the group. By surrounding themselves with another person that is like them, they can divert attention from their high-functioning addiction because other people are doing the same.

When someone that you know is out of control with their drinking and using but appears to be in control of all other areas of their life, they should get treatment before it is too late. After a rough night of abusing drugs and alcohol with which they may feel remorseful about, you may have a good opportunity sit them down and talk to them about your concerns. You are probably not the only person in their life that feels bad about their actions and even though addiction is a hard subject to bring up to an individual who is high-functioning in their addiction, you may just save their life.  

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center can help somebody that is struggling with a high-functioning addiction. Our clinical and medical staff work together to give you treatment that consists of compassion which can heal the medical aspects of your addiction as well as the emotional aspects.

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