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What is Emotional Sobriety?

Mar 21, 2018 | QA, Sobriety

Someone that is getting sober usually has many hurdles to overcome. There is the physical withdrawal, as well as emotional issues that have be sorted out. While this may not seem like an easy task to take on, it will tremendously improve your quality of life to go through the things that are important to keep sober. Getting through the physical side of early sobriety typically takes place first. Acquiring what needs to change within your emotional standing is not easy to identify until the fog that is associated with the physical withdrawal is lifted. Once that fog has dissipated, it is necessary to get well on the inside to achieve emotional sobriety. The question is how do you define emotional sobriety?

On page 99 in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, it clearly states, “These things will come to pass naturally and in good time provided, however, the alcoholic continues to demonstrate that he can be sober, considerate, and helpful, regardless of what anyone says or does.” These three simple adjectives give a good indication of what it takes for you to attain emotional sobriety – regardless of what anyone says or does.


Although you may not have picked up a drink or a drug in a while, being sober means that you are trying to better yourself daily. Sobriety consists of total abstinence of drugs and alcohol, as well as seeking abstinence from unbecoming behaviors that may have been exacerbated when you were under the influence. Being a jerk or a know-it-all may follow you into your sobriety, but you can displace that behavior by being emotionally sober.


When you were in the throes of your addiction you may not have even realized how insensitive you were to others. This is where you can you can start to make a living amends for your past actions by being agreeable, unselfish, mindful, and compassionate, which is part of the process of learning how to secure emotional sobriety.


The thought process behind being helpful is that if you are thinking of others, then you are not selfishly thinking of yourself. Being of service by doing the things that are constructive for others, takes you out of the self-centered mind that was most likely the culprit for all your troubles during your addiction. Putting your hand out to another will eventually change your outlook to something more positive.

Having emotional sobriety can be a game changer by training yourself to affirm the condition of your attitude. By implementing Alcoholics Anonymous’ s definition of emotional sobriety, you can be the best you in your sobriety.

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