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What is a Social-Media Induced Eating Disorder?

What is a Social-Media Induced Eating Disorder?

Jun 22, 2018 | eating disorder, QA

Everywhere you look on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you may see ads of health regimens that can show you how to look better, feel better, or eat better. Once you click on one of these sponsored ads when your interest is peaked, you may see more and more of the ads pop up in your feed to try and sell you more. How does one even know if these methods are legitimate? You just do not know, really, and this is where social media can become harmful to some people.

The truth is that the people that are promoting how something worked for them with weight loss or dietary regimes do not have the statistics of what your body needs. Every person’s body is different and should be uniquely honored. Becoming victim to the latest diet craze, superfood, magic pill, or unrealistic exercise workout has become more common in the last few years with many people using amateur videos as their source of marketing.

More frequently you may find yourself becoming more preoccupied with the fixation of your image. Part of the problem is that you will often see pictures and videos in your feed that have a dishonest approach. Filters, photoshop, airbrushing, and flattering angles give the impression that what you are looking at is real and is attractive to the eyes. You may think that is what you wish to look like, but the reality is that to achieve that image will take an approach that can be dangerous and impractical.

Eating disorders usually have less to do with food and everything to do with controlling the image that you wish to portray. If you are in command of what happens with your body, then you envision that you will have everything that you want. In the meantime, your will be spiraling out of control and making life much more difficult because of the obsession that you have created in becoming better and more attractive for the wrong reasons.

Social media is great entertainment to catch up with friends and family. On the flip side social media can be detrimental to your self-esteem by trying to compare yourself to others when they may be stretching the truth or just flat out lying about their brand. If you were to follow one of these health plans, check with a healthcare professional for the sake of your physical, mental, and spiritual aspects because you owe it to yourself to be healthy in the name of the imperfection.

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