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What is a Mental Health Court?

What is a Mental Health Court?

Aug 13, 2018 | Mental Health, Treatment

The local courts recurrently offer criminals who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction a way to rehabilitate themselves while being under the court’s supervision. Whether the judicial system provides a rehabilitation program inside the jail or an outpatient court-ordered program, they give those who want to stop using drugs and alcohol a chance to change their behaviors away from criminal activity. People who participate in these programs have better statistics to stay sober and stay out of trouble with the tools they learn from the program.

With these kind of results, courts around the country are taking a look at the criminals with mental health issues who get caught in the criminal justice system. Instead of receiving the healthcare treatment that they need, they are often receive stiffer penalties because of the unfavorable actions they display due to their condition that stems from mental illness that is undiagnosed. Mental Health Courts comes into play tin these instances to protect those with mental illness who can no longer protect themselves.

Becoming part of mental health court does not mean that a person being convicted of a crime will get a lesser penalty. Mental health court becomes instrumental in assisting someone who is now in the court system to get the help that they need going forward to avoid recidivism and to keep from getting themselves thrown into jail.

The purpose of a mental health court is give the participants a chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of the court and better manage their symptoms. Those who plead guilty into the program will have to take strenuous action to keep from going to jail including therapy, probation, and regular court appearances. With mental health court as an option, the participant will receive consistency in who they must report to with their therapy, probation officer, and the judge.

With the help that is offered, a person who is a member of mental health court can gain some coping skills, be educated about their mental illness, and get the proper dose of medication for their condition when applicable. The point is to stay compliant in mental health court, so that the participant can possibly get their cases dismissed or collect a reduced sentence. On the other hand, if the person does not honor their court agreement, they can receive sanctions or be placed in jail for a longer sentence depending on their transgressions.

Criminals need a chance to help themselves from repeated jail time especially if there is a mental health issue that is causing them to duplicate their infractions time and again. Mental health court can be an opportunity for some people who want to be rehabilitated utilize help that can make them able to become part of society again.  

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