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What is a Gaming Addiction?

What is a Gaming Addiction?

May 8, 2018 | Addiction, QA

A gaming addiction has been thought of to not be quite as serious of a condition as it really is. Anything that consumes someone in a debilitating way has repercussions that can affect someone’s mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. An addiction to gaming can be defined as a type of impulse control disorder that can trigger the reward system of the brain with the release of dopamine during play time.

Someone that is addicted to gaming will exhibit signs of isolation due to the excessive play of video games instead of taking care of the responsibilities that they are obligated to. The person gaming will begin to live a sedentary lifestyle that consists of sitting and playing games on a computer, tablet, or a smartphone. Weight gain, poor posture, inadequate nutrition, and intermittent sleep patterns can take a toll on someone that is addicted to video games.

Especially in adolescents, developmental issues can ensue with a gaming addiction from lacking appropriate social skills to having problems with concentrating and paying attention. By being engrossed with video games, teens start to have a problem differentiating between the games and what reality is. Gaming becomes an escape mechanism to not have to deal with the painful and awkward experiences that can occur during the teenage years.

Letting video games take precedence over everything including school, work, or relationships will happen when gamers begin a sense of flow meaning that the individual becomes so immersed in the games that they have lost all track of time. Gamers that flow will typically turn what was an educational or entertaining experience into a compulsion if they are unable to stop. This can give the gamer a higher risk to develop depression, anger, loneliness, or social anxiety because of the decrease of personal human touch.

The games that have no end in sight but are continued to be played with no way to beat the game or ones that involve online multiplayers tend to be more addictive than games that comprise of fighting, racing, platforming, or casual gaming. Games that come with rewards based on timing or number of games played can keep a person to keep coming back for more.

Gaming addiction is just like any other addiction that will make someone’s quality of life to decline causing disturbing behavior that they should seek help for. Treatment facilities that accommodate addicted gamers have begun to make a bigger splash in the recovery field. Gamers can pursue treatment that will assist in ending their preoccupation for video games with the hopes of being able to live a more productive life again.

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