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What is a Designer Drug?

Dec 11, 2017 | Drug Addiction, QA

Designer drugs are synthetic or man-made drugs that are composed in a laboratory. They are put into a category of psychoactive substances that mirror the effects of other illicit and prescription drugs, although they tend to be dangerously more potent as well as addictive due to their chemical modification.

What has made designer drugs become easier to generate is that they are made from products that are sold legally over the counter or with the ease of online sales. Until the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) catches up with the knowledge of these new drugs, they will remain being sold legally. Synthetic drugs are usually brought to light when someone has an overdose, but they will usually continue to be made and sold even once they are made illegal. Drug manufacturers constantly change the chemical structure of their drugs to try and fool the DEA and circumvent drug laws.

One of the biggest dangers of designer drugs is that they are generally unregulated so there is no information that shows exactly what the drugs entails. There is also no comprehension of the drug’s potency which makes users unaware of what their dosage should actually be since there are different chemical batches that are produced. This is where the risks of overdose, brain damage, and other drug-induced afflictions stem from.

Especially with the internet, designer drugs have expanded past the old school designer drugs of opioids, steroids, and hallucinogens. The newer synthetic drug ingredients have not been approved for human consumption or tested for medical use, which makes their effects in the long run potentially severe and unknown. People that are taking these drugs are basically “lab rats” playing Russian roulette by not knowing the results of how they will be affected by these drugs.




Purer than Ecstasy that is similar to amphetamines and mescaline.




Synthetic marijuana that includes synthetic cannabinoids.


Bath Salts


Variety of synthetic chemicals including cathinone, methylenedioxypyrovalerone, mephedrone, and methylone.




A synthetic morphine that is used as a substitute to heroin.

Designer drugs have made their way through our society and are profoundly affecting the lives of people that are abusing them. There is treatment available to help users get through withdrawals that may be just as unknown as the drug itself.

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