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What Happens During an Intervention?

Nov 7, 2017 | QA, Treatment

When a loved one gets to the point of no return and you are in fear of everything that is involved with their addiction, it may be time to stage an intervention. A structured conversation between an addict, friends and family, and an impartial mediator, called an intervention specialist, is how an intervention works.

An intervention gets put into action after countless failed attempts at heart-to-hearts about the concerns of the addiction. The addict does not want to acknowledge that their actions are causing animosity to the people in their lives and denial keeps the addition going. Once the family has had enough, they may gather their resources together to confront the addict about the consequences of the addiction to get them to accept going to treatment.

Finding an intervention specialist is the first thing that must happen. Having a professional to steer your family in the right direction, will help impose a strategy that will be personalized to the family, the addiction, and the addict. People that will be involved in the intervention should be decided on as well. Your best bet is to use family members, friends, and co-workers that will hold their bottom lines and not let their emotions get the best of them. The point is to convince the addict that should go to rehab in the least confrontational way.

The intervention group prepares letters or a rehearsed message to present to the addict to help them understand how their actions have hurt their loved ones. Arranging the information ahead of time can keep the negative emotions to a minimum and focus on the facts so the intervention group can act together in solidarity. Which also means that everyone should keep the intervention confidential until the day of to keep the addict from getting wind of it.

One of the hardest aspects of an intervention is deciding on what the consequences are if the addict will not seek treatment. You will have to decide what to take away from the addict. Whether it will be money, a place to live, a car, or a job, the focus should be choosing the things that will cut the addict down to size. These bottom lines must be something that the family will absolutely follow through with or the intervention will not work.

On the day off, the addict is whisked to the intervention location so that family can share their concerns, feelings, and bottom lines while the interventionist specialist conducts the meeting. The addict is asked to go to treatment with the hope that the answer will be a clear cut yes.

To keep the intervention as successful as possible, it should be methodically planned to keep the addict from feeling attacked or wanting to isolate from the family. The intention of an intervention is the bring the family back together and healthier than before.

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