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What Happened to Self-Discipline?

What Happened to Self-Discipline?

Oct 9, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, QA

Examples of self-discipline are all over the media, from super athletes to actors, artists, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs and nonprofit heros. You may be in rehab or attending fellowship meetings today and wondering when you’ll be fully back in your life. Why not switch your thoughts around and decide, no matter how you feel, no matter the circumstances of an addiction—today you are back in your life.

You’ve probably heard the expression mind over matter, and that’s an important starting point to self-discipline. Those people you admire got where they are by hard work and discipline. There’s no fast lane in recovery, just the road you make through your own work. Though sobriety needs to be your first priority, you may have aspirations beyond it. So how do you get where you want to go, build that flower stand, sell varieties of lilies, start a theater company in your own town, or build replicas of Shaker furniture? You begin with self-discipline.

Self-discipline can be a part of all you do in your life, not as a regiment, but to build towards your highest and best. You may be a man in recovery who has always been waited on by your wife. She does all the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping. You have your role, too, but what would it take to lend a hand, pitch in, share responsibilities? You can be a man open to changing your perceptions and expectations. It takes self-discipline to change and to strengthen your marriage or relationship. Women, too can get stuck in roles, too, and becoming more self-disciplined can help their marriage or other relationships. LGBT people as well can benefit from self-discipline.

There is nothing wrong with the roles that couples set up as long as they agree on them.

Whether it’s recovery, romantic relationships, friendships, work, play, hobbies, or any personal endeavor you can improve your self-discipline skills by finishing each task you start, stop making excuses, saying you’re sorry to yourself or others isn’t going to cut it, set your goals and follow through with deadlines, ignore naysayers, and keep focused. Striving for perfection isn’t the goal, and can add way more stress to your life! Keep it simple and stay on course.

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