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What Else Can Go Wrong?

What Else Can Go Wrong?

Oct 9, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Addiction

A slip, a relapse, what else can go wrong with my recovery? Stop right there. It’s not a matter of right and wrong, or that you’ve done something wrong. Alcoholism is a disease, a terrible disease, and a treatable disease, in which many people encounter difficulties.

As a sober person, you may try to replicate behavior that used to serve you, like defending yourself by yelling at someone who has caused you harm. This could happen when stress builds up, and you aren’t aversed at managing it well. You may not yet know how to make good choices either. If these compromised areas of your personality aren’t fed and reinforced by appropriate role models and actions, your sobriety may be tested.

Your mission in sobriety is to have to have a clear intention to stay sober no matter what goes right or wrong, and to do everything in your power that supports your intention.

Putting all your focus on staying sober doesn’t end the possibility that elements in your life can prove challenging. Sadly people you know can suddenly die, you could lose your job, or find out your oldest child is using drugs. It’s how you manage these obstacles that counts. Getting into counselling can provide you with amazing insight into how you learned to behave. Most important it can give you the tools to develop new strategies for behaving, coping and for making decisions that can work in your favor, rather than against you.

When you feel besieged by disappointments and have the sense that life is turning against you, just stop and put your feelings aside for a minute or two. Do a reality check with yourself. For example, if you were laid off or fired by your boss, ask yourself why. Were his or her reasons legitimate? You may not come to the realization until some time has passed from the shock, but did you actually dislike your job, and could losing it be a blessing in disguise? This tack or thinking process, that is, getting down to the truth about your reality, can be uplifting, freeing and confidence building.

Things happen in life and in your sober life it is crucial to learn to live life on life’s terms, and keep your knees bent. When things go wrong, you can handle them in as positive, respectful and as realistic a manner as possible.

If you someone you know is struggling with drugs and alcohol, Serenity Oaks Wellness Center can help to get you sober. Our 12-Step aspects and holistic therapy can show you how to adorn your soul in recovery.

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